Shawn Buckley September 2021 TrueHope Cast Interview with Host Simon Brazier

After their initial conversation earlier this year, Shawn Buckley and Simon Brazier of TrueHope Cast had more to discuss on the topics of natural health, personal sovereignty, and government policy. Published September 9, 2021, Shawn and Simon reconnected for a podcast discussion (1 hour listen), that broaches the question: “Are we losing our natural health freedom?” Simon punctuates the conversation with his thoughtful and poignant questions, leading Shawn to exploring, with undeniable acumen, the true nature of Health Canada and the current threats to our individual rights and freedoms. He shares upcoming changes in our system of natural health product regulations, the visibility of which has been magnified during the global pandemic – for those who are watching.

While discussing the effect of laws and regulations that impact natural health product licensing, availability, and use in Canada, Shawn says, “Science, in the area of health regulation, is the weapon to ensure that only chemical drugs are used to treat people.”

  • “There’s this added level of stress as we realize the world is not as we thought it was… I think I’m doing quite poorly, just because I’m grieving the loss of our freedoms.” (0:46)
  • “The way to control health was to make this philosophical decision to say that people don’t have the right to decide how they’re going to treat their bodies. Rather, we’re going to make every treatment illegal, whether it’s chemical, whether it’s natural – we pass this Food and Drug Act, and it’s illegal to use any treatment unless it’s been approved of by the government. Now, they will approve more than one treatment, so you have the freedom to choose – among the options that ‘we’ allow you to have. And the word allow is very important because in the area of health if you can’t decide what you can do with your own body, then you’re a slave… I think it’s becoming apparent that we’re not viewed as sovereign human beings right now that can make meaningful choices.” (2:59)
  • “Now what’s happening with the Self-Care Framework is that Health Canada is saying that they’re going to phase in a new set of regulations, a new way of doing things for Natural Health Products. And their original time table, it would have already happened. We’d already be fully there, but COVID’s forced them to push everything back.” (12:48)
  • “Science, in the area of health regulation, is the weapon to ensure that only chemical drugs are used to treat people.” (15:59)
  • “I hope that people might understand that our governments really are watching for interests that necessarily aren’t the interest of the citizens. Well, maybe some people might believe me now.” (24:35)
  • “You want the ‘New World Order’ poster boy country – that’s Canada. We’re as locked into this as any country.” (29:00)
  • “We think we’re human being, that we’re sovereign, that we can control over our bodies… well, I’m sorry, we don’t.” (30:58)
  • “If we don’t have the right to choose how we treat our bodies, then we might as well put cattle tags in our ears. Because when you are suffering from a serious mental or physical illness, and you’re really suffering, and none of the approved drugs worked, you can’t even be told of other options. And other options aren’t available because they’re taken off the market.” (31:12)
  • “In the area of health, we’re here to be sick under an allopathic model. And we’re here to generate a lot of money. And money is power. …If people can get their heads around this, they’ll start to see things differently. It’s a mechanism of control at the most fundamental level.” (35:14)
  • “It’s my body. I’m the one suffering. You mean the government, some bureaucrat, can tell me that I can’t try something to alleviate my suffering? Really? That’s the law in Canada.” (36:22)
  • “If we start thinking of Natural Health Products as ‘Self-Care Products’, the same as the chemicals, now we don’t have natural products as a separate group. And so, grouping them together is a deliberate language attempt to get us to stop thinking about natural health products differently – because they are different – than chemicals. And that’s a means of controlling us, and controlling the dialogue.” (38:21)
  • “The effect of a law, is usually not by accident. When we’ve been regulating this way for 100 years, in the area of food and drug, and the effect is that it is illegal to treat a serious health condition with something that didn’t have a patent when it went through the process – that’s intended! That’s our law! The law is how it works out on the ground, and that’s how it works out on the ground. The law in Canada is it’s illegal to use natural treatments to treat serious conditions. Full stop.” (45:30)
  • “Back then [1990’s], I don’t think I had a single client that their business wasn’t started because either them or a close family member had a serious health condition that could not be solved by the approved treatments, so they just suffer for years or are facing death, they come across a natural solution, it so revolutionizes their life or their family’s life, that ‘Well, we have to provide this to others!’ They’re literally there to help people! And then Health Canada is shutting them down.” (57:02)
  • “But, what’s even worse is, before the natural health regulations, we had products like EMPowerPlus developed, like Stauss Heartdrops developed, like Recovery developed. None of those [type of] products are being developed now under our new regulations. What big blockbuster has come out to save lives and change the world since the NHP Regulations? So how many lives are being lost because people are no longer free to try things?” (58:38)
  • “We are in an informational war, and truthful information is being censored big time, and things are heating up in a way that I’ve never experienced in my life.” (1:01:24)
  • “I think the NHPPA is the only NHP watchdog left standing, and we may not be left standing for long because we’re not being funded.” (1:01:55)
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