Successful Plans, Are In The Execution

We’ve just started, and the country is already on the move. People are angry, and they should be. It’s only been since June 10, that NHPPA’s Discussion Paper was released, and followed up by two national calls with Shawn Buckley and the team. Those calls clearly sounded the alarm of the deep and real threat to the entire NHP industry, and every Canadian who uses, and relies on, natural health products, many for their lives. Our planning is not about being at the table with Health Canada to compromise. Our plan is to set the table for us to have them adjust their paradigm and perspective to conform to what we are serving. Our plan is to make the industry and community completely and fully aware of the national, and international, end game of ever stricter regulatory changes. Now that Bill C-47 has been passed into law, it is obvious how serious Health Canada is about dismantling the natural health products community, and how unaware our elected officials are. We know that you are all looking for more to do, while you start your personal actions after the calls with Shawn. We are receiving hundreds of emails and calls that we are trying to keep up with. We are also in multiple stages of campaign actions, including:

  • a new postcard campaign, likely hitting stores coast to coast now
  • weekly calls with Shawn Buckley, open to everyone, to focus on answering your questions and giving you LIVE updates
  • bringing together practitioners, special interest groups, industry, and citizens for targeted, consistent and collective pressure (we are not a one letter operation!)
  • supported pushback in advance of the new August 10th deadline for consultation on the new Proposed Fees for Natural Health Products
  • material support kits for every sector of the industry and community that distills the Discussion Paper’s content, into concise and accurate talking points for health food store staff, practitioners, and members of the public
  • translation of the Discussion Paper into French, and translation of the complete letter writing campaign into multiple languages!
  • NHPPA swag for you to wear that educates!
  • a formal, and long term, letter writing, phone call, email and physical visits campaign engaging Members of Parliament and targeted bureaucrats
  • relaunch of a subscriber’s community with exclusive long-form and candid conversations with Shawn Buckley and guests
  • re-launch of petitions for the solution—The Charter of Health Freedom
  • the ability to upload your action images to NHPPA’s website, bringing on fresh voices from the industry, new social media channels and more!

Repealing this law, halting cost recovery on the natural health product industry, and stopping the Self-Care Framework will take sustained action over a long period of time. Please stay engaged with our emails and check out our website regularly for the latest campaign actions.

Thank you for those who are supporting us with a monthly contribution. There is no way we could be doing anything without you. Your donations are the lifeblood of NHPPA.

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