First Phase National Letter Writing Campaign Launched

This is not going to be a short, sharp, shock campaign. We are in this until we have what we want as a vibrant natural health community. Our first iteration of letters are linked from our home page and are ready for you to TAKE ACTION! Many of you have started and are asking what you can do to stop further restriction of natural health products in light of Bill C-47 becoming law.

Our first step was to arm you with knowledge through our Discussion Paper on the 2023 Health Canada Initiatives, the second step was to engage you with LIVE Zoom calls with Shawn Buckley, and the third step was to collect contributions to support campaign costs. Now, NHPPA is asking you to write to your MPs and two targeted bureaucrats first and foremost. A clear and consistent message must be delivered.

We are not going to stop until our right to access natural health products is protected.¬†Step up. Don’t panic. Do your part and take individual accountability. We need each other now. Together we will repeatedly contact our elected (and unelected) officials. The “we” includes YOU! We’ll be talking about pacing for letter writing on our weekly calls with Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA team. We are always here to support you for as long as it takes.

White a Letter for you MP & Bureaucrats Today
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