There’s New Threats To Natural Health Products In The 2024 Budget Bill

Health Canada is attempting to introduce additional measures that could further harm the natural health industry.

To recap, Health Canada made substantial revisions in the 2023 Budget Bill (Bill C-47), reclassifying natural health products—such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, and homeopathic remedies—under the same category as over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. This reclassification has resulted in new fees, fines, and excessive regulations that threaten the industry. In response, we have been supporting Bill C-368, introduced by MP Blaine Calkins, to remove sections 500-504 from the 2023 Budget Bill.

The reclassification of natural health products as “therapeutic products” has paved the way for even more stringent regulations.

Now, the 2024 Budget Bill includes further alarming revisions that:

  1. Restrict off-label use of drugs, including natural health products, by medical doctors, health care professionals, natural health practitioners, and even veterinarians.
  2. Grant exemptions for food and drugs from crucial safety regulations designed to protect against fraud, adulteration, and unsanitary conditions.
  3. Allow exemptions for food and drugs from safety laws based on selective “parts” of foreign documents.

For a detailed review, take the time to read Shawn Buckley’s latest Discussion Paper titled Alarm Bells in Health Policy: Hidden Changes in Bill C-69.

Read the Discussion Paper
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