How to Subscribe

Below you will see a map of all of the provinces and territories in Canada. Simply hover over your province/territory until you see the colour change from green to red. Click on your province/territory and the registration form will display. Fill out all of the fields and be sure to choose your riding from the drop down menu. Once you submit your registration form, you will be placed on the list for your riding. It’s that easy!

What Joining the 338 Freedom Network Means

We’re dedicated to creating a united movement from coast to coast across Canada and are breaking it down into sections. In fact, we’re following the divisions set by our federal government for their political ridings. The 338 Freedom Network is a means to get information to you relevant in your riding.

This naturally sets up citizens to lobby THEIR MP as a group. When push comes to shove, this is who an MP will listen to, his or her own constituents. For they each rely on their constituents to vote them in each time they run for office. This gives concerned citizens in one area a support system where a relatively small group of people can make a very big impact by targeting the correct elected politician.

When there is a campaign in your riding, city or province we will easily be able to gather large groups of advocates created by a common bond; the preservation of our health rights, freedoms, traditions and individuality. It is our ambition to engage people and communities for strategic purpose across Canada at a moment’s notice.

Everyone can take part. Know that we won’t share your information, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

338 Freedom Network vs NHPPA’s Facebook Posts

If you want regular updates from NHPPA then join us on Facebook too. Our strong social media networks have worked well for us in every campaign we have run. But each campaign depends on your riding! So subscribe here today for notices in your riding and find us on Facebook for bi-weekly news and information.

Need Help Finding Your Riding?

Visit the Parliament of Canada Website and enter your postal code.
Your riding will come up by city and province above your MP’s picture.
Take note of your MP and the address of his constituency office!
Note: You will not leave this webpage.