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Individual, group and company contributions are NHPPA’s only source of revenue to fund our efforts.

The natural health community, industry stakeholders, practitioners and freedom of choice advocates who want to see NHPPA ignite and intensify our action campaigns can show their generous support by contributing funds.

NHPPA was essential in the successful defeat of Bill C-51, had critical opposition to the NHP Regulations, correctly called Bill C-17 a trojan horse to illicit public pressure and has been instrumental in building awareness of Health Canada’s continual threats. 

Through your donations we can work to move forward with the complex process to to replace flawed and inappropriate regulations and give natural health products and natural health practitioners their own law and appropriate regulations.

We are grateful for the generosity of NHPPA’s financial supporters who enable us to continue with our work.

Contribute an amount of your choice one of four ways:
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You can contribute now through PayPal without a contribution form.

If you would like to contribute a monthly or a one-time donation through credit card or pre-authorized debit please call 519-648-2050 and ask for Julia Rickert, NHPPA’s National Campaign Director, to have the relevant Patron Pledge Form sent to you directly.

You will be able to choose what part of our plan is most meaningful to you, either our immediate and developing Action Campaigns or our Legal Challenge

Cheques can be mailed to:

5070 Fountain Street, North
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Please do not send credit card information by email, always speak directly with us when sharing your personal information.Thank you for your generous support!