Industry Perspectives, Health Canada “Self-Care” Consultation Recording + Slides May 30/17

This provocative April 29, 2017 article published by Citizens for Choice in Health Care (CCHC), “What Health Canada Won’t Tell You About their NHP Proposals…But You Should Tell Your MP”, sheds light on the hidden agenda for proposed new “modernization” of Health Canada’s regulations on natural health products and encourages Canadians to speak up and raise their concerns with their local MP.

It is no secret that when it comes to access to NHPs, Health Canada is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Portraying itself as a public protector citing safety as its justification, it instead seems to guard the interests and profits of big pharma and and does not work to fairly represent alternative medicines.

The CCHC piece does not camouflage its position and states, “make no mistake, the sole purpose of these consultations is to manufacture consent from stakeholders, the public and politicians for what HC is actually attempting, which is to provide a mechanism for pharmaceutical companies to monopolize NHPs for serious chronic diseases, as drugs derived from natural constituents appear, protected by use-patents”. It goes on to state that “the current HC proposals boil down to a purely bureaucratic and corporate agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with the benefit of Canadians.” The column ends with a call to take action.

Read the full article and learn how to effectively voice your concerns to your MP

Richard DeSylva RH, DNM from The Herb Works attended one of the Health Canada consultation meetings held in Toronto, early in May. Read his summary of notable take-away points.

NHPPA team members attended the consultations, both in person and via webinar. Listen to the complete recording of the first meeting in Saskatoon.

Find all of the accompanying slides

The recording is 2 hours and 23 minutes in length, the actual presentation with question and answer period runs for the first 1 hour and 30 minutes. The balance of the recording is of the participants going through a workbook exercise.


March Against Monsanto | May 20, 2017 Worldwide Keep GMOs Out of Your Genes May 12/17

Hundreds of thousands of the concerned citizens will hit the streets May 20, 2017 for the 6th international March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign.

Most NHPPA supporters are as active with the GMO issue, and other worthy missions, as they are with their actions to help protect access to Natural Health Products.  This is a reminder and invitation to join in solidarity.

Worldwide events take place in hundreds of cities on six continents. March Against Monsanto is a global call to action aimed at raising public awareness about the increasingly toxic food supply, calling into question long-term health risks of genetically modified foods and demanding that GMO products be labeled so that consumers can make informed decisions.

Full Global Event List, in an Excel file to help you find the Facebook page of the march happening in a city near you.


Meeting with NDP Health Critic Don Davies | Shawn Buckley’s Summary May 9/17

On April 1, 2017, Don Davies, MP for Vancouver Kingsway and NDP Health Critic, held a public forum on the regulation of natural health products. Shawn Buckley was there to meet with Mr. Davies and to hear the public input. Given the April scheduling of the first round of Health Canada’s public consultation meetings on the proposed new regulations for Self-Care Products, the timing could not have been better. Shawn also had a private discussion with Mr. Davies to share NHPPA’s perspective on several of the issues surrounding the regulation of natural health products.

In Shawn’s summary on the outcome of the public forum, he writes “We are at a time where it is essential to be prepared to bring political pressure when the proposed changes are released”. He further states, “As with Bill C-51, we anticipate a fight that will be crucial on the issue of you being able to access effective supplements in the future. We will need to be ready.”

Shawn goes on to remind us of the Trojan Horse, “In speaking with Mr. Davies, and with others at the forum, I was left with the impression that some feel that the proposed changes will come in the form of changes to the Food and Drugs Act Regulations. If this is how the changes are brought in, it would fulfill a warning the NHPPA flagged in a discussion paper on Bill C-17.”

Read what that warning was and a summary of the full meeting

Shawn Buckley’s recent article from Common Ground magazine

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NHPPA’s Censorship Compendium in Support of our 2017 Actions Campaigns | Apr 28/17

A new surge of science censorship has begun south of the Canadian border. Avi Selk titled his February 1, 2017 Washington Post piece, “Canadian scientists were followed, threatened and censored. They warn that Trump could do the same.” The piece illustrates the similarities between the Harper and Trump administration, silencing scientists and media. Even with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s, seeming restoration of scientists’ rights to speak to the public, the corrupt nature of censorship in natural medicine directly jeopardizes people’s rights–and lives.


Purchase NHPPA’S Censorship Compendium (Edition 1) and join our efforts to educate and inform the Canadian public!

As a fundraising initiative for the Total Health Show 2015, NHPPA sourced natural health thought leaders and advocates to create our compendium. It is a collection of original articles about censorship as it relates to our healthcare system, regulations, food safety and how information is withheld by the authorities who claim to protect us. All of the printed copies made available at the show sold out! To launch our 2017 fundraising efforts, we are once again making the compendium available for a limited time.

For just $10, please purchase NHPPA’s compendium and support our upcoming government pressure and public education campaigns.

Buy the Censorship Compendium (Edition 1)

You will be enlightened by industry experts who share perspectives and insights that will incite and inspire you. The content is at times, not surprising, and at others, shocking and disturbing. In all cases the information in this compendium is an absolute necessity for understanding how censorship is affecting your health, by restricting what knowledge you can access, where and how it is delivered to you, and who you can trust.

Thank you in advance for your support!

While NHPPA has a very small number of industry supporters who understand the importance of our work, we need a greater and constant level of funding to create action campaigns. One of which is to educate and inform our current government. Many of the MPs elected are brand new to office and have never heard of the NHPPA’s work or are aware of the significant issues Canadians and the NHP professional community face because of the regulatory framework and censored, life-saving information. If you like and appreciate what we stand for and support the Charter of Health Freedom, we ask that you to contribute to NHPPA’s fundraising efforts by purchasing the Censorship Compendium (Edition 1). Your donation of just $10 will provide you with access to a printable booklet in a downloadable PDF link.

Further reading: Media censorship in Canada continues as the country slips out of the top 20 in 2017’s World Press Freedom Index.


NHPPA Not Attending Total Health Show 2017 | 2016 Show Lecture + Censorship Compendium Apr 21/17


This show has always been a significant event for us since 2008, specifically, for public outreach. Each year, an ever increasing number of public and practitioners learn about the original and ongoing issues. They finally understand the gravity of how the regulations have affected consumers and industry stakeholders over the last 13 years. It is a lot to wrap your head around, and believe, especially when one hears it from industry organizations and stakeholders that are deep down the rabbit hole.

If you are not a monthly supporter, please consider contributing to our efforts so that we do not have to reject invitations for Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA team to participate in critical public events and run campaigns in 2017. We hope, that with your help, we can attend the Whole Life Expo in November to make up for this significant absence. Please donate to see us there.

In case you missed it, NHPPA’s efforts at the 2016 Total Health Show were another success! We were privileged to have Michael Schmidt step in at the last minute to take Shawn’s place for the two scheduled lectures. As you may have read in our Facebook posts last year, Shawn was unable to attend as he was in Alberta defending David and Collet Stephan.
Watch the recording of the bizarre story about Michael’s 20 year fight for food freedom, the real story behind the sheep napping saga, and how you can be prosecuted for being the subject of unlawful surveillance.

Michael Schmidt’s exclusive lecture for NHPPA

A complete descriptive photo gallery of the NHPPA team at work in April 2016

New and popular downloadable handout material NHPPA produced for booth visitors

The full Raw Milk Food Freedom MPP Action Kit 2016

The Censorship Compendium [Edition 1] is back on our site as this year’s first fundraising effort. NHPPA developed a unique compendium, including original writings by health freedom experts, regarding censorship in medical, political, scientific arenas as well as educational institutions. The content is at times not surprising, and at others shocking and disturbing. In all cases the information in this compendium is an absolute necessity for understanding how censorship is affecting your health, by restricting what knowledge you can access, where and how it is delivered to you, and who you can trust.

For just $10, purchase NHPPA’s featured Censorship Compendium and support our 2017 campaigns and attendance at shows!


Public Consultation Webinar Added by Health Canada for the Proposed Self-Care Regulations Apr 21/17


On April 14 (see post on our wall) we notified our supporters, by Facebook and e-mail, about a series of public consultation meetings Health Canada was hosting in select cities regarding the proposed regulation of self-care products, under which Natural Health Products are captured. All of the responses we received from active members indicated that most of the live and English online consultation meetings had been “sold out”. We encouraged them to email Health Canada at and ask that the English webinar be opened up to allow for more attendees (or at the very least, make a replay of the webinar available). We are pleased to hear that Health Canada acknowledged the public and industry request and added a second English webinar on May 1, 2017 at 6:30 pm EDT. If you attempted to register for the original webinar and received the “sold out” notification, try now!

Register for the May 1 English webinar

Read NHPPA’s original April 14 Facebook post regarding the consultations


Opportunity for Action | Attend Health Canada’s Latest Consultations on “Self-Care Products” Apr 14/17


Calling on active NHP advocates to attend and give input at Health Canada’s public consultations being held in select cities across Canada. These meetings are related to the proposed Self-Care Products regulations in which NHPs are captured. One of NHPPA’s staff attended the first meeting of this “second round” of consultations in Saskatoon on April 4, 2017.

The first half of Health Canada’s presentation is an overview of the consultation process to date with attention drawn to “what was heard” from the public, industry, researchers and other stakeholders in 2016. You will hear a full review of the updated framework based on these responses, including compliance and enforcement. The second half is a workbook Q&A.

read more


Federal Legislation On Legalizing Marijuana Unveiled. Apr 14/17

Does your stance on freedom to choose, regardless of whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes, include marijuana? Learn about what our government is proposing to become law in 2018 in this Global News piece from April 13, 2017, “Federal legislation on legalizing marijuana unveiled“.


“Your Natural Health Products Under Illegal Attack” published in Common Ground Apr 14/17

Our good friends over at Common Ground (BC) recently featured Shawn Buckley’s article, “Your natural health products under illegal attack” which was originally published in the December 2016 issue of Vitality Magazine (ON). As Health Canada edges closer to imposing their proposed changes to how NHPs are regulated, we are grateful for the timely republishing of Shawn’s article, and their continued support of NHPPA’s mission to protect freedom of choice when it comes to the health decisions of all Canadians.


Apr 11/17