What is an Ombudsman? | Shawn Buckley Explains

WHAT IS AN OMBUDSMAN? In this penultimate 1:49 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Sections 24-47 of the Charter of Health Freedom, which all outline the creation of a Health Freedom Ombudsman role. These sections identify the purpose of appointing an Ombudsman and how that role serves to protect and uphold access to health freedom for all Canadians. Currently, if a person’s health is being threatened by the removal of a natural health product, they may face an extremely costly and slow process to be heard by a Court, if they even make it to a hearing. One can expect that with the resulting diminished quality of life, most Canadians do not have the time, money or energy to begin this fight. Under the Charter of Health Freedom, the role of the Ombudsman is to act as a voice for the public if their health freedom is being threatened in any way by any federal government department.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. In the final clip, Shawn will explain Consequential Amendments.


Rebuttal to CBC Article Criticizing Vancouver Kingsway NDP MP Don Davies’ Position on NHP Regulations

“Truth is the first casualty when science is used as a weapon.” – Shawn Buckley

As a lawyer who has spent decades involved with Health Canada, Shawn Buckley is uniquely positioned to hold the well-informed opinion that our chemical drug approval process is a large fraud perpetrated on the Canadian Public. In his rebuttal to a July 15, 2019 CBC article (3 minute read) by Bethany Lindsay, “Federal NDP Health Critic Pushes Back on Plans to Require More Evidence for Health Claims of Natural Products”, Mr. Buckley defends MP Don Davies’ position on NHP regulations and asserts:

“Understanding that our drug approval process is seriously flawed, I am at a complete loss as to how the CBC and Ms. Lindsay could be critical of anyone for not wanting it to be applied to natural products. If public health was an issue, one would expect the CBC to be critical of our chemical drug model.”



July 2019 Charter of Health Freedom Petition Count

Lemonade, letter opener, let’s go! The latest numbers are in. The count and the petition’s position in Canadian history is confirmed. We can tell you it was a banner day. But you need to hold out until the top of next week while we draft the full petition update and triple check for accuracy. Signatures have been coming in from big cities to small towns, private citizens to industry professionals, Victoria to Halifax. And all of them on paper!



Thank you from Joy Ane!

It is not often that our work draws “warm fuzzies”. We love hearing from NHPPA cheerleaders like Joy Ane who gave us a few positive gifts through the mail. She sent us the sweetest note of encouragement which always fills us up. She validated our work by letting us know she is a Registered Nurse who needs access to natural health products because she avoids pharmaceuticals. And perhaps most importantly, she enclosed two pages of collected signatures in support of the Charter of Health Freedom. Joy Ane, we think YOU are precious. Thank you for prioritizing the fight for health freedom despite your limitations. We all need love and support and welcome it with open arms!


There is No Middle Ground. Write About It.

Listen for the quote about being sovereign beings. Understand the context. Use what you hear in this interview or what you read in our articles to craft personal letters and emails. Write and send three. One to your Member of Parliament (MP), one to the Prime Minister (PM) and one to the Minister of Health (MoH). Letters and emails do not have to be long, complicated or follow any writing rules. They only need to be written. In your own voice. Feel free to copy and paste anything from our work that resonates with your point of view. NHPPA has produced an extensive knowledge base. Hand write and mail one letter a month, then email the same letter, to all three recipients. Make sure you send us a copy! It inspires us to know you are taking independent action.




“Homeopathic Remedies Are Not a Substitute For Vaccines”, Health Canada Misunderstands

Homeopathy dominates this year’s conversations with industry stakeholders and the public. Homeopathy also still dominates the arena of misunderstanding. When a recent Health Product InfoWatch from Health Canada landed our attention we asked a homeopath, who is part of the regulatory College of Homeopathy, to help us respond. The notice sent to anyone who subscribes to Health Canada’s Recalls and Safety Alerts received this, “Health Canada is concerned about false claims being made in some marketing of homeopathic remedies, known as nosodes, stating that the product can prevent infectious diseases. Nosodes are not, and never have been, approved by Health Canada to be vaccine alternatives.”

The question of alternatives to vaccination has long been controversial, especially in the eyes of the media when focused on alternative health practitioners. Some homeopaths and naturopaths have been labeled ‘anti-vaxxers’, although the vast majority are not.



Liability of the Crown and Servants of the Crown | Shawn Buckley Explains

LIABILITY OF THE CROWN AND SERVANTS OF THE CROWN In this 2:14 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Section 23 of the Charter of Health Freedom, “Liability of the Crown and Servants of the Crown”. This section differs from the Food and Drug Act by holding government employees responsible for providing access to natural health products as long as the product is shown to be safer in the hands of the public than if it were to be removed from the market. This differentiation ensures criminal liability for government employees in charge of healthcare decisions that can harm Canadians. There is no “free pass” or special protection. Currently, state employees can remove a product from the market even amidst protest from medical professionals. The Charter of Health Freedom uses the precedent from recent legal proceedings during which the Courts found Health Canada to have acted dangerously.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. Stay tuned as we share the final two videos in the series.


NHPPA’s Message Supported in Cowichan Valley’s Natural Health & Wellness Annual Directory

Photo courtesy, the unyielding volunteer, Jennifer Shelley. You are seeing the front cover and inside page 87 of the Cowichan Valley Natural Health & Wellness Directory, Volume 2. This directory was published in June 2019 and reaches thousands of health and wellness enthusiasts all over Vancouver Island. Not only did Jennifer take the initiative to find this opportunity to educate her community about changes to the regulations of natural health products but she also funded it. As always, Jennifer, we need more health freedom sparkplugs like you! Thank you! To support your engagement with local communities across Canada, go to our Action Kits and download the material you need. Need help finding what want for your independent initiative? Contact the NHPPA by email at info@nhppa.org

The ad in the directory is available in full colour as a poster for download and printing.



Parliament May Recess. MP Postcard Sends Do Not!

It’s summer. Do I still send these postcards to my MP in Ottawa? Absolutely, yes! Parliament is on recess with MPs having returned to their local ridings for both their summer down time with family and to carry on work in their constituency offices. Not so for the employees at Health Canada. The summer months will see them persist with their plan to implement the Self-Care Framework. Tens of thousands of “Do You Want My Vote?” postcards have already been sent to MPs. Each piece of mail continues to be reviewed in parliamentary offices. We have pictures from across the country of stores and clinics who have been partners in getting this messaging into the hands of our elected officials. Send yours today!

The public can pick up “Stop Health Canada” postcards at their local health food store or practitioner’s office. Can’t find them near you? Find out how to download a PDF file to send to your local printers.

Retailers and practitioners requesting bulk quantities to distribute can also go to the page of resources to support the push back.

Share that you have mailed the postcard with #doyouwantmyvote

Educate yourself and your MP! Drive your MP’s attention to the material. Find all links to what you need. Yes, there is a lot to understand. Yes, it is a complicated and protracted issue. You were looking for summer reading weren’t you?