Charter of Health Freedom Petition Count Update Feb 11/17


Even though NHPPA was not able to run any campaigns in 2016 due to limited funding, the advance in petition signatures was courtesy of a number of dedicated Health Food Stores and Natural Health Practitioners across the country. They kept the numbers progressing! An additional 452 original signatures have been added to the count. The petition is now only 486 signatures short of becoming the second largest federal petition in Canadian history. e-Petitions may have come to pass but the Charter of Health Freedom petition must remain, pen to paper.  Understand why in an updated Paper vs e-Petitions update. After 8 years, the timing could not be more relevant. NHPPA has some renewed support from a very small group of uncompromising and active Canadian manufacturers, who have always understood what was at stake. We may be able to run a final national push for signatures while seeking a Liberal MP to take the Charter and the petition to Ottawa.

About the Charter of Health Freedom

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The Huffington Post article: “How ‘Psychobiotics’ Use Gut Bacteria to Treat Mental Illness” Feb 2/17

psychobiotics image 500x280

In this November 2016 article, “How ‘Psychobiotics’ Use Gut Bacteria to Treat Mental Illness” by Carolyn Gregoire in The Huffington Post, you’ll read about a recently published paper in the journal Trends in Neuroscience. The paper discusses how Oxford psychiatrists are encouraging the use of a new term “psychobiotics” to include “any intervention that has an effect on mental health by way of changes in the gut microbiome.”

While natural medicine practitioners have been using probiotics for prevention and treatment of disease for decades, the spotlight is now turning to its function with mental health issues. Alternative health practitioners, such as Dr. David Pulmetter, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Deepak Chopra and Sayer Ji, are focusing more attention on protocols involving a healthy microbiome. For centuries, traditional diets included fermented foods – clearly they were onto something long before science began to prove it.

“The larger question here, in medical, scientific, and legal terms, is that psychobiotics are not currently classified as a treatment,” as Dr. Philip Burnet, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Oxford and one of the study’s authors points out. Burnet said “At most they are a dietary supplement. The answer to how and whether they should be regulated will emerge as we learn more about the effects of these substances on the central nervous system.”

Will future regulation reduce your access to probiotics and other things that affect the microbiome which are currently commercially available, such as fermented foods and probiotic supplements? As Burnet points out, “We have suggested than any intervention that has a psychological effect through changes in the gut microbiome, is potentially a psychobiotic.” and “This may include diet and exercise, both of which affect the bacterial communities in the gut, and both influence mood and cognition.”

The article goes on to say “Regulation would allow people to access psychobiotic treatments with proper guidelines for use and dosage, based on their particular needs.”

Read the full article here


ANH article: “Muteness on B Vitamins and Lifestyle after Pharma’s Alzheimer Flop” Jan 5/17


Mainstream media continues their unbalanced reporting. It is without surprise, that rather than present alternative, evidence-based nutrient solutions to disease which could provide real answers, insights and education in a comprehensive way, they narrow their focus to pharmaceutical drugs. Several non-pharma studies have been published with respect to protocols in Alzheimer’s prevention for people who seek to explore what is possible in food and nutrient-based solutions.

A recent ANH blog post from November 2016, “Muteness on B Vitamins and Lifestyle after Pharma’s Alzhiemer Flop”, said “it’s both astonishing, yet entirely predictable given historical precedents, that both the media and health authorities are remaining mute on the only known effective treatment for early-stage Alzheimer’s. The goal is to perpetuate the myth that there are no effective treatments available. The reason for this muteness is that the only known treatment, that could reduce the Alzheimer’s disease burden by around one half, doesn’t involve a drug at all, at least in the ordinary meaning of the term. Instead, it involves high doses of cheap, unpatented B vitamins that despite an extraordinary history of safety, are being targeted as unlicensed drugs in countries like Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark. That’s because they work, have clear pharmacological effects and fall foul of the EU definition of a medicine.”

Read the full article here


Shawn Buckley’s article: “Freedom of Choice Threatened – Again.” Dec 10/16

vitality-article-decjan-2017-checkmate-website-post-500-x-500Published last week. Shawn Buckley’s latest article in the December/January issue of Vitality, “Freedom of Choice Threatened – Again. Health Canada moves to put Natural Remedies in Checkmate”

“Currently Health Canada is signalling that they want to change how natural remedies are regulated. These changes may signal the endgame for any practitioner or company that is more committed to good health outcomes than the over-regulation of natural remedies.”

“Anyone who is concerned about giving a government regulatory body absolute power over what remedies are available should be concerned about the proposed changes. When new regulations and/or amendments to the Food and Drugs Act are introduced, we are all going to have to be ready for action. This is the most threatening proposal since the infamous Bill C-51.”

Read the full article here


Fox Jones on the Dismissed Sheep-Napping Case Nov 30/16



Fox Jones on the dismissed sheep-napping case: “Montana Jones & Michael Schmidt were granted a stay of proceedings today, in response to an 11(b) delay argument filed by the defence. It’s a bittersweet victory for the two, accused of sheep-napping by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), who alleged Jones’ flock of rare, heritage Shropshire sheep were infected with scrapie, despite not being able to prove it. The CFIA has since destroyed dozens of her healthy sheep, and held the Jones’ property, Wholearth Farmstudio, under quarantine for over 7 years.

The case was set to go to trial in April, after 4 years in court, when defence lawyers Shawn Buckley and Geneviève Eliany (Buckley Eliany) successfully filled and argued for the 11(b) delay last week. Hon. Justice Laura Bird ruled today that numerous delays caused by the Crown and CFIA have far exceeded the allowable 30-month period that constitutes the right to a speedy trail. Jones and Schmidt’s legal fees were largely and generously covered by the Canadian Constitution Foundation. There is no mention yet of any compensation to any of the small farmers for disrupting their livelihoods or destruction of property, while thousands of international supporters have kindly contributed to a community crowdfund to help support Jones and her farm for the past three and half years.”

Shepherd wins legal fight after her flock of sheep was hidden from government kill order [National Post]

Sheep-napping case dismissed today, due to excessive delay getting to trial [The Bovine] (there is a search field that one can use on this site to look up “sheep” and find the whole back story)

The entire ruling as read by Justice Bird, November 28, 2016

Infected sheep may have come from U.S., not Ontario farm where officials slaughtered flock, court hears [National Post article from 02/17/15 pulled because of a publication ban instigated by the Crown]

Montana Jones and Murdoch.

15259759_1458336430862633_749231833565413085_oGeneviève Eliany

15250751_1458337477529195_1856988843207763376_oShawn Buckley

15259294_1458338050862471_2307583413952618081_o Gathering for media and court spectators after the decision to dismiss the criminal charges in the sheep-napping case. Left to right: Robert Pinnell, Elwood Quinn, Montana Jones, Murdoch Shropshire, Michael Schmidt, Geneviève Eliany, Karen Selick and Shawn Buckley.


Motion to Dismiss “Sheepnapping” Charges Against Montana Jones & Michael Schmidt Nov 18/16



A motion to dismiss the 2012 “sheep napping” charges against Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt will be heard from November 21 – 23, 2016. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. In this case, as with many others, lives and freedom are at stake. Having you present accents the importance of the case. Court starts at 10 am sharp. Arrive early!

The Supreme Court of Canada recently established that criminal matters should be heard within 30 months or less. Timely trials are important for accused, victims and society as a whole. It’s easy to imagine witnesses’ memory fading within months or evidence being lost over time. Justice cannot be served when evidence has degraded too much. In this case, many Crown witnesses could not answer questions for lack of memory at the preliminary hearing, over two years after the charges. Montana and Michael will have waited almost four and half years by the end of the anticipated trial in 2017. This is almost two years beyond the 30-month presumptive delay period.

Part of what Geneviève Eliany, legal counsel at Buckley & Company, will be arguing is that Crown’s application to remove counsel Shawn Buckley for a conflict of interest was frivolous and without foundation. This case’s conflict proceedings dragged on for a year and a half.

Today’s post on The Bovine included Karen Selick’s comment, “if you’re wondering what happened to lawyer Shawn Buckley, never fear—Shawn is the deponent in the affidavit that Ms. Eliany will be using to argue the motion. It’s just not possible under court procedures for a lawyer to argue a motion based on his own affidavit, so his associate will handle this for him. I’m told that Shawn’s affidavit is superb.”

Eliany will also be arguing that late disclosure caused two adjournments of the preliminary hearing. The Crown, on the other hand, blames defence for requesting irrelevant disclosure and claims it fulfilled its duty to raise a possible conflict of interest because Shawn Buckley represented two co-accused.

Durham Regional Courthouse 150 Bond Street East, Oshawa, Ontario

Help defend Montana and Michael through Indiegogo


Sheep-Napping Charges Against Robert Pinnell Dropped; Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones in Court Nov. 21-23 Oct 12/16



“It has been 1403 days since my adventure with the legal system started. Today in the Superior court in Newmarket all charges in regards to me were withdrawn. In the beginning there were 4 of us charged with the disappearance of 31 Shropshire sheep. Myself, Robert Pinnell. Michael Schmidt. Susan Atkinson. And Montana Jones. Now after 1403 days Michael and Montana are the only ones left standing.

What make this even more interesting is, that I had actually given a video statement, where I confessed, that I was the one that drove the truck and transported the sheep from one place to another. No one else had given a statement although Susan had later given a statement and plead guilty to a lesser charge. I never once said I was innocent  just that I was not guilty of what I was charged with — CONSPIRACY.”

Read the rest of Robert Pinnell’s piece Reflections on a Sheepish Affair” on The Bovine


“Let them get their injunction. Put me in jail. I welcome it.” Elisa van der Hout Sep 27/16


A look at the two days in court from a post on The Bovine. Excerpt: “In the end”, he [Michael Schmidt} said, ”I wonder why we keep coming to court. We try openly and honestly to push the debate on raw milk. But we are met with surveillance, and I am accused in the application record of constantly flouting the law. What remedies do I seek”, said Mr. Schmidt. “Perhaps you could order the crown to sit down and consult with us on how we could work this out. I also withdraw myself from these proceedings. Let the application go ahead. I will be arrested. I am willing to go to jail. No further comments.”

Read this full commentary on The Bovine


Ontario Court Could Shut Down Raw Milk Distribution, Promotion Sep 26/16


Michael Schmidt and raw milk are back in court. The outcome of a two-day hearing set for today (Sep 26) and tomorrow (Sep 27) in the Ontario Court of Justice at Newmarket may send raw milk drinkers in Canada down a more political road after years of fighting court battles.

“The outcome of a two-day hearing set for today and tomorrow in the Ontario Court of Justice at Newmarket may send raw milk drinkers in Canada down a more political road after years of fighting court battles. The hearing will determine if the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Health were correct in January when they filed applications for injunctions against Michael Schmidt, Elisa Vander Hout, Glencolton Farms, the Agriculture Renewal Coop, and any other Canadian who provides, distributes, or recommends raw milk.”

Read the rest of Food Safety News article by Dan Flynn 


Health Canada to Change Standards for Natural Health Products Sep 10/16


… and so the noose tightened.

See Health Canada’s website for details.

“Health Canada is planning to dramatically overhaul the regulation of natural health products to address mounting concerns over the proliferation of misleading and unproven claims on product labels. Currently, natural health products are regulated in a manner similar to drugs – manufacturers must apply to Health Canada for a licence to sell and products are assigned a unique number that must appear on product labels to signal the department’s approval. But unlike drugs makers, natural health product manufacturers are not required to provide robust evidence that a product works before it’s allowed on the market.”

Read the rest of The Globe and Mail article by Carly Weeks