Canada’s current drug approval process is an expensive fraud. And yet, Health Canada plans to move forward with applying this approval process to natural health products. On April 10, 2021, ThatChannel’s Hugh Reilly and Ivy Reiss interviewed Shawn Buckley regarding the history of Health Canada’s drug approval process, the persecution of natural health products and traditional medicines, and upcoming changes to the Self-Care Framework. The three discuss, with undeniable acumen, the actual function of Health Canada – which may not be what you think!

During a candid moment, while speaking about his experience in legal proceedings with Health Canada, Shawn says, “In my opinion, I would say that our drug laws are not there for good health outcomes, they’re there to protect intellectual property rights… which means they’re there to protect money.”

This is a video interview that we wanted to share with those who are motivated to understand what changes are coming to the Self-Care Framework this year, and how they threaten access to natural health products.

The trouble is—this video interview no longer exists.