Our Goals


The Natural Health Products Protection Association is federally incorporated as a non-profit organization with the sole objective of:

Protecting Access to Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements.

By limiting its purpose to protecting access to Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements, the NHPPA will focus on identifying and responding to threats facing the Natural Health Product and Dietary Supplement industry. In essence, the NHPPA will act as an industry watchdog.


The NHPPA’s mandate is to protect our access to natural health products. Our current regulatory goals to pursue our mandate include:

  • Preventing Health Canada’s current plan to repeal the Natural Health Product Regulations and to replace them with Self-Care Product regulations that will regulate natural products and non-prescription chemical drugs under a single set of regulations.
  • See the NHPPA Discussion Paper on these changes to understand the NHPPA position on the proposed changes
  • Having the Charter of Health Freedom adopted as law, and
  • Having the Food and Drugs Act amended so that the powers and penalties brought in under Vanessa’s Law will not be applied to natural products by the upcoming regulatory changes (in line with Parliament’s express intention in Vanessa’s Law that the powers and penalties were meant solely for chemical pharmaceutical drugs).


The NHPPA has an enviable track record in being correct in its analysis of legal changes and proposals.

The NHPPA has a unique position of being able to educate and motivate manufacturers, retailers, practitioners and the public to take action when the threats become evident.

The NHPPA provides the best analysis of legal changes and proposals of any NHP group in Canada. The industry needs a watch-dog that speaks the truth without concern for upsetting government contacts.