Campaign Update Replay Now Available | February 21, 2024

It was a pleasure connecting with all of you during last week’s Campaign Update call! For those who missed the live session, the video replay is now accessible on our Rumble channel.

Since June 2023, we’ve been urging you to write letters to your MPs as a part of our “Pressure Your MP” Campaign. Many of you took action, sent letters, and then shared the responses you received with the NHPPA team. MPs’ response letters were often laden with Health Canada’s scripted talking points and patronizing language, all while demonstrating a glaring lack of understanding regarding natural health products and regulations.

Common questions arose:

  • “Should I respond to my MP?”
  • “What should I say?”

During February’s Campaign Update call, Shawn dissected numerous MP responses and elaborated on how and why we should continue the conversation. The uninformed and dismissive language coming from some MP’s offices left many of you astonished. Rest assured, Shawn’s response to this is not only enlightening but also quite entertaining.

Here are some additional important topics discussed:

  • How and why you should get involved in our electronic letter campaign
  • The power of sharing personal stories involving natural health products with your MP

Don’t miss out—what the replay below!



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