CBC Claims We Spread “Misinformation” And “Disinformation”

It was only a matter of time. Consider this CBC article a failed attempt at damage control.

Dr. Supriya Sharma, chief medical adviser at Health Canada defends their new regulations. Dr. Supriya, and this CBC article as a whole, have conveniently failed to mention both the impeccable safety profile of natural health products, which have caused zero deaths in 58 years of reporting, and The Self Care Framework which will further affect our access to natural health products.

Health critics from opposition parties admit that their offices have been swamped with YOUR messages and are seeking to hold Parliamentary hearings to probe Health Canada’s new natural health product regulations. With so many downstream effects on businesses and citizens, this issue is meaningful to Canadians and requires a robust debate in Parliament, rather than a discrete addition to the omnibus Budget Bill C-47.


The “Say Goodbye!” postcard, pictured above as seen in the CBC article, was just one leg of NHPPA’s “Pressure Your MP” Campaign. Over 300,000 of these postcards were shipped from coast to coast since the campaign launched in June, and that doesn’t include all of you who printed your own at home! Remember this, the story talks about letters and postcards being delivered, not pre-written emails. Know that the time you all took to write letters and mail is what made headlines here!