A case of misunderstanding will become poor health outcomes. Did you see Health Canada’s recent warning about gentian violet? A recent review linked use of this antiseptic dye to increased cancer risk, leading to a complete removal of gentian violet from the marketplace. CTV Winnipeg published a piece (3 minute read) on June 12, 2019, “Exposure to Products Containing Gentian Violet Could Increase Cancer Risk: Health Canada.” The Ontario Herbalists Association (OHA) took to social media to educate the public about the critical difference being between the recalled gentian violet dye made from the flowers vs the root of the gentian plant used by herbalists for sluggish digestion. This warning will likely elicit distrust of qualified natural health practitioners who recommend gentian root to better their clients’ health. Gentian root would be protected under Section 19 of the Charter of Health Freedom, which ensures products that we know are safe to access, are not taken off the market and stifled under regulations that are unreasonable.