Shelved as a Reminder of Success. What’s Next?

Just shortly after 2019’s election day and the end of the “Do You Want My Vote?” MP postcard campaign we had to press pause on our work. The postcard is now tucked away with a few of our mentors—Shiv Chopra, Helke Ferrie, Jozef Krop and Jeffrey Smith. We are inspired and reminded that if we continue pushback, change can happen. This postcard initiative was one of NHPPA’s most successful actions to date. It had gravity. It was the perfect partnership between manufacturers, retailers, the public and NHPPA.


Thank You Catherine!

“This is Canada, a country that brags about the rights and freedoms of every person. That freedom must include a health care system that supports not only conventional medicine but one that is diverse and includes natural health products and practices.”

Catherine, I do not think we could have said it better ourselves. Thank you for writing us to share your lifeline story through the use of natural health products. In fact, many Canadians have shared similar experiences with us over the years. We cannot express how meaningful it is when we receive letters like this. It recommits us to the work we do. Catherine deserves access to the remedies that are most effective for her. We all do. It is why we challenge the status quo and take steps to preserve our rights. Health freedom matters too much.

Health Outcomes First. Let Bureaucrats Know.

There are at least three more quotes we want to share from Brett Hawes’ podcast interview with Shawn Buckley. They are just too good to miss. The subject of intellectual property rights is one that flows through all areas of government policy development. In the case of chemical drugs, the intellectual property rights a pharmaceutical company owns over their drug product are prioritized over healing potential. Intellectual property laws protect drug companies from others copying their patented formula. This allows them to recoup research costs. The patent period creates a monopoly for each individual new drug. That then secures profitability by eliminating competition and justifying astronomical prices to consumers in the name of scientific innovation.


Thank You to NHP Manufacturers!

Manufacturers catalyze NHPPA’s work—but only a few. Kudos go out to those who have allowed us to take action. Their partnerships are without equal. They were the backbone that drove the success of our “Do You Want My Vote?” MP postcard campaign. The campaign saw over 320,000 postcards shipped across the country. It was possible for NHPPA to reach retailers through their channels. They recognize what they, and all Canadians, have to lose if the Self-Care Framework is fully implemented.


Thank You to Natural Solutions Health Store!

Retailers have been an integral part of NHPPA’s successes. They are the front lines. Directly reaching the public, everyday. They educate, inform and change lives. They are a trusted resource with a collective voice that is heard by MPs as business owners and employers. Allied retailers across the country are using their positions to advocate for continued access to natural health products through NHPPA’s action campaigns with materials like the Charter of Health Freedom petition and “Help Us Fight Back” brochure.


Fired Quebec Scientist Blew the Whistle on Pesticide Lobby Influence, National Observer

Rebel superheroes walk among us. In this March 21, 2019 article (9 minute read), “Fired Quebec Scientist Blew the Whistle on Pesticide Lobby Influence”, government censorship silenced former public servant Louis Robert. He was fired after being threatened for attempting to educate superiors and the public about pesticide and fertilizer use. Robert’s story reminds us of our friend Shiv Chopra who blew the whistle on Health Canada for pressuring him to approve a series of drugs including Bovine Growth Hormone for use in animal farming.


Charter of Health Freedom Petition Update Oct 26/19

4,543 more! While Canada was busy counting votes at the polls, NHPPA was busy counting signatures. The Charter of Health Freedom petition broke 100,000 signatures just a few months ago, in July 2019. By September 2019, the growing momentum of this movement was clear. The resulting envelopes full of petition pages arriving in our mailbox in rapid succession necessitated another petition count not even three months after the last one. The Charter of Health Freedom petition now carries 105,950 signatures!


& That Term Is Theft. Write A Letter.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve listened to Shawn Buckley on Brett Hawes’ Holistic Health Masterclass podcast several times. Each time, something new jumps out as a resonant point. When you communicate your concern over dwindling health freedom to your returning or newly-elected MP, short and straight-to-the-point statements like the ones in this podcast can really drive the message home.