Discussion Paper Release: Censorship Law and COVID-19

“Censorship and a free society cannot co-exist. It is as simple as that.” Shawn Buckley continues in this short and decisive opinion, “The problem with censorship laws, is that it is the government that gets to decide what “truth” you will be allowed to access.” We are, as individuals and a collective, moving through an unprecedented global crisis. A crisis with many degrees, facts and players—depending on who you ask. In response, we are seeing freedoms restricted in ways they have never been before. Are we, as Canadians, not capable of making good decisions? The Trudeau Government has announced that censorship laws are coming to prevent “misinformation”, and Members of Parliament have signalled their broad support of the measures. Get through this must-read piece while you still can. Then act in resistance, as an act of self-preservation.


Thank You Laurie and Audrey!

We feel these words in our bones. Canada and its population are known for many things around the globe. Hockey, maple syrup, bitterly cold winters, milk in a bag and apologizing. Laurie and Audrey shared a note, attached to a recent petition, with the “I’m sorry” feeling. Canadians, as a collective, unless part of advocacy groups, are often uncomfortable with taking political action. It is not the most exciting thing to do with one’s time but it is a necessity! Two NHPPA supporters experienced our contented nature while collecting Charter of Health Freedom petition signatures in 2019. We had hoped 2020 would carry on our success from last year, so to Laurie and Audrey: The team at NHPPA appreciates your passion and recognizes that you are a critical part of the movement regardless of signature numbers. You are contributing to the protection of our Charter rights in a meaningful way. Thank you.

Last One. Healing Is Bad For Big Pharma.

Last one. Today we’re sharing the sixth and final quote from Shawn Buckley’s conversation on Brett Hawes’ podcast that was filled with soundbyte-worthy content. With the world’s focus being seized by an unexpected reality, it’s easy for our minds to be consumed by just that one thing. But, it’s critical we don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. The crisis we are experiencing collectively will end, and we must to ensure that our representatives in office know that we demand continued access to natural health products and practices in this health emergency and after.


“The Expansion of Homeopathy and How Quebec is Joining The Political Movement”, IHR Health

A Quebec pro-homeopathy conference seeks to protect effective remedies. This December 21, 2019 article (4 minute read), “The Expansion of Homeopathy and How Quebec is Joining The Political Movement” takes a balanced approach to reviewing the event. As noted in the article, “Homeopathic remedies have been around for 200 years and are used, according to the World Health Organization, by some 200 million people.”


“Sleeping with Seroquel: Drug Safety Expert Urges Doctors to Stop Prescribing Antipsychotic for Insomnia”, The National Post

An article is making social media rounds again because off-label use of this drug remains a pressing issue in Canada, the US and other European countries. Natural health products (NHPs) are frequently attacked for “a lack of scientific evidence”, while both prescription and over-the-counter chemical drugs are often prescribed off-label without the same level of scrutiny. Seroquel is an antipsychotic drug intended for the treatment of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia but is widely recommended for patients with insomnia. The June 14, 2017 article (3 minute read) by Sharon Kirkly for the National Post, “Sleeping with Seroquel: Drug Safety Expert Urges Doctors to Stop Prescribing Antipsychotic for Insomnia” (3 minute read) outlines the reason for concern with this off-label drug use.


Health Canada Consumer Survey on NHPs

Due to the format and bias that does not ask for positive feedback about Natural Health Products (NHPs), it appears to us that this specific survey is written to generate a case for Adverse Reaction Reporting and additional Label Requirements. Health Canada is seeking input from Canadians who use NHPs through The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP-Canada), an adverse drug reaction reporting agency. The survey questions Canadians use of NHPs and their negative experiences.

Complete this survey (no more than 10 minutes), submit and share with your network.


“A made-in-Canada” solution to the coronavirus outbreak?”, Macleans

Sharing from Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD—Canadian physician, author, natural health educator and long time friend of NHPPA. “Quercetin is NOT a drug. Looks like Big Pharma is claiming a drug derived from quercetin (found in apples, garlic, onions and other plants) will be effective for coronavirus. FYI quercetin, despite what the reporter is saying here, is NOT a drug and is a natural health product available from any health food store without a prescription. Before you all run out there and buy multiple quercetin bottles, do realize that this concept of being an effective coronavirus cure is pure speculation. It is however one excellent example of how Big Pharma rips off nature to make $ billions in profits.