“A Complete List of Alternatives to the Google Search Engine”, Collective Evolution

It has been talked about for over a year. Google. The most popular search engine. The one that is your habit. You might have noticed changes in search results in the past month due to what Google is calling, Google’s most recent broad core algorithm updates. An article (3 minute read) published on July 7, 2019 on Collective Evolution, by Arjun Walia, “A Complete list of Alternatives to the Google Search Engine”, shed some light on what the changes mean for the natural health industry. He writes, “We are living in a very interesting time, one in where we have a ‘ministry of truth’ that is quite Orwellian. This ministry of truth is deciding what’s real and what’s not for people, and they hold a tremendous amount of power and resources. Google is part of this ministry, and they are playing their part in censoring, demonetizing, and hiding information and platforms that does not suit the plans, agendas and the wants of the people that run Google and who are tied to.” The article includes a good list of alternative search engines that allow for organic rankings, free from shareholder and political bias. Some even provide anonymity while you search.

Walia’s “Takeaway” paragraph includes an upswing, “At the end of the day, truth in all areas that surround humanity cannot be stopped. As much as this seems rough, this is inspiring.”