“A made-in-Canada” solution to the coronavirus outbreak?”, Macleans

Sharing from Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD—Canadian physician, author, natural health educator and long time friend of NHPPA. “Quercetin is NOT a drug. Looks like Big Pharma is claiming a drug derived from quercetin (found in apples, garlic, onions and other plants) will be effective for coronavirus. FYI quercetin, despite what the reporter is saying here, is NOT a drug and is a natural health product available from any health food store without a prescription. Before you all run out there and buy multiple quercetin bottles, do realize that this concept of being an effective coronavirus cure is pure speculation. It is however one excellent example of how Big Pharma rips off nature to make $ billions in profits. Other glaring examples of this include penicillin (from mold), statins (from red rice yeast), opiates (from poppies) and digitalis (from foxglove). Since one cannot patent a natural substance, drug companies take that natural substance, tweak it by altering its biochemical formula and then patent it as a drug. They have done this successfully with bio identical hormones (estrogen into Premarin from horse urine), thyroid (from the gland of an animal into the chemical Synthroid) and the list goes on. Then their next step is to eliminate the natural competition by banning or making access to natural health products difficult or impossible for the public. Further, they educate doctors to dismiss or discourage the use of natural health products since they are “unproven.” All this is just too obvious. Big Pharma = Rip off nature or lie or both.”