Bill C-69 Passed, Granting Health Canada Expanded Powers

We have an important update on our ongoing efforts to protect the natural health industry and your freedom of choice in Canada.

As you may recall, we have been actively advocating for the removal of Division 31 from Bill C-69, which proposed extensive changes that expand Health Canada’s regulatory powers over the off-label use of drugs and natural health products. These expanded powers significantly restrict the ability of medical doctors and natural health practitioners to provide uninterrupted healthcare advice to their patients.

Despite our efforts and the compelling expert evidence presented to the Standing Committee on Finance, including a powerful testimony by Shawn Buckley, the Bill received royal assent without any changes.

This means Health Canada now has unprecedented regulatory authority to:

  • Restrict off-label uses of drugs, including natural health products, by medical doctors, healthcare professionals, natural health practitioners, and even veterinarians.
  • Grant exemptions for food and drugs from crucial safety regulations designed to protect against fraud, adulteration, and unsanitary conditions.
  • Allow exemptions for food and drugs from safety laws based on selective “parts” of foreign documents.

The passing of Bill C-69 is a significant disappointment for all of us who value health freedom and the autonomy of healthcare practitioners. However, our work is far from over. We remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting your health rights and will continue to advocate tirelessly for the natural health industry in Canada.

Together, we can still make a difference. The first step is to educate yourself by learning more about the hidden changes in Bill C-69.

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