Canada’s Voice in Our Hands

Double the amount of envelopes received in half the amount of time! The NHPPA team cannot overstate how encouraged we are to see national involvement at store, clinic and public level grow. A systemic and collective spirit has emerged to support the effort. A small handful of resolute NHP manufacturers have allied with us. They send printed petition sheets, petition posters and “Help Us Fight Back” brochures to their customers in product shipments. THAT is the wheels within wheels process that we want to continue to foster. If this momentum continues there is a good chance that the Charter of Health Freedom and its partner petition will have a firm place in Canadian history.

Worth repeating from our July 2019 petition post: It started as a paper petition on September 4, 2008 and cannot be converted to one that you sign online. The Clerk of Petitions in Ottawa has let us know that there is no process to merge the Charter of Health Freedom petition, or any existing paper petition, with that of a new e-Petition. The revitalized energy around this pen-to-paper petition is inspiring! The number of signatures and scale of national enthusiasm now provides ample evidence that a tremendous number of Canadians are engaged and concerned about this issue. Members of Parliament would be well advised to take note!

Access the same materials NHP manufacturers are using to fuel this petition drive at the links below.