Celebrating Our Achievements: 2023-2024 Campaign Highlights

Join us as we celebrate the incredible achievements of Canadians like you who are dedicated to protecting the natural health industry and freedom of choice!

In this 4-minute video, we highlight the phenomenal engagement and advocacy efforts from our community during the last 12 months of our national campaigning. From distributing 1 million postcards across the country, capturing media attention, and prompting Parliamentary discussions, to the successful passage of Bill C-368 through second reading and the extensive participation in our electronic letter campaigns—your hard work is making a real impact.

You’ll also hear about ongoing challenges due to Health Canada including changes to our food and drug laws within Bill C-69, the overwhelming response to our latest campaigns, and the historic achievement of collecting over 130,000 signatures in support of the Charter of Health Freedom petition, to date.

Our accomplishments are an example of both the importance of individuals taking personal responsibility and the impact of collective action. Thank you for your unwavering support and for being an integral part of our mission to protect natural health products and freedom of choice in Canada.

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