It’s Been A Minute.

We didn’t know how to start this outreach and ultimately decided that we would just let you know, as if you had called one of us to get an update. Considering what we are about to launch, this approach seemed most fitting.

Some of you may remember the Zoom call with Shawn Buckley at the end of last year where the webinar allowed us to connect with you directly, and in real-time. It was different than our communications with you over the last 15 years of emailed discussion papers, consumer show lectures and national campaigns.

The call was a spoken opinion piece that was LIVE, allowing us to have immediate contact with you through the chat and then again during the Q&A. We were charged up by the turn out and instant engagement. On that call, we let you know that we were in the works of a project that would feature open, transparent and long form conversations with Shawn, guests and the NHPPA team, meant for our close and active membership community to convene regularly.

That was 8 months ago.

Since then we have worked on independent projects and had the challenge of assembling the right production team for our new initiative. The additional hands we found and on-boarded have diverse skill sets, a working knowledge of the complex, years long battle we have all been engaged in, and a strong commitment to the work. Over the last few months, we have prepared all of the platform’s architecture and systems that will be our community’s new base.

Despite not having the tech, team or time to start a “channel” or “podcast”, we took the plunge this year, and created a forum we’ll tell you more about in the coming days and weeks. Since the subject matter will flow from our expertise in natural health to the current and relentless threats on freedom, we sourced the best private online space to avoid any sudden removal of anything we share.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the attention on our core mission, and your actions to put pressure on government and bureaucracies was sideswiped, right after one of our most successful national campaigns.

Our new initiative will be the comeback to renew our presence.

Some of you (dyed-in-the-wool natural health activists) have been with us from the beginning. Some of you were active well before we were on the field. We know you by first name, have been inspired by you, but haven’t been able to connect in a consistent way. We can’t tell you how rejuvenated we are to have built a space to nurture meaningful relationships and closer connections with you. It’s been a long time coming.

To get us updated, reconnected, and back in the saddle, we’ll be hosting another LIVE call with Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA team toward the end of this month. Watch your inbox for more information coming your way and to register for the LIVE call. If you haven’t already, subscribe, or update your email preferences here.

Within our soon-to-be-launched new community, others will join you, Shawn and his guests, as NHPPA intersects the hot-button topics of medicine, media, law, rights, philosophy, politics, science, ethics, and more. We have been ever-grateful to you for taking action in our campaigns and will honour that by making sure that what you want to learn and talk more about is made a part of our schedule. The result will impactful, personal, positive and give all of us a new perspective on our collective futures.

We are excited to share more and can’t wait to spend some time together!