Direction Determines Destination

If you’re moving one way, you’re not moving in another. The writing of papers, creation of posts and new national calls to action were put on hold the last few weeks in favour of direct, individual support. NHPPA’s recent work ignited a flurry of freedom fighter activity from across the country. Our calls for action were answered. Daily contact to clinics, practitioners and stores pulled rank! The most overwhelming correspondence came from the public. We’re still in it today and working to keep up with demands. If we haven’t gotten back to you yet, we will. Please know that every call, email, letter and online message to reach us is important. As are those who allow us to do this work. Our funders deserve kudos. They have allowed us three years to make an impact and build a position that has now turned into significant constituent and NHP stakeholder power. We did our job! Current funds will carry us until the end of the summer, after which the effort to continue may be in your hands.

MP “Do You Want My Vote?” Postcards

We have been inundated with emails, phone calls and mail from individuals contacting us for support before meeting with their MPs about Health Canada’s changes to natural health product regulations. The amount of requests for cards from across the country has been staggering. Thank you to those who are printing yourselves too. There have been no conversations short of passionate!


Store & Clinic Support Kits

Our time has also been spent responding to specific email requests from concerned natural health practitioners, retailers and citizens requesting support for actions to educate their networks of customers, patients, friends and family.


Charter of Health Freedom Petition

We have news to share about where we are at. Every day since the beginning of the year has us opening envelopes and counting signatures. We have reached a milestone and will be sharing once we get “caught up” with our public support.


LIVE Q&A Zoom Calls with Shawn Buckley

Requests for replays have been managed since the series began in May. We facilitated the calls for industry stakeholder groups to further explain how Health Canada’s regulatory changes will impact them directly. We produced the educational series to help people understand the complexities, the knowns and unknowns. The recordings are now a fundraiser to help carry on our work.


Identified 10 Current MPs

Our skilled advisor dove into research that identified MPs most likely to be receptive to their constituents wishes to bring The Charter of Health Freedom, and the petition that champions it, to Parliament. Seeking the perfect MP will take some political pressure from constituents. The NHPPA team supported the effort by developing an extensive list of all 338 MPs to review.

MP Letter and Email Writing

A letter and email writing campaign that began at the top of 2019 was put on hold to fulfill immediate output required for NHP stakeholders. We launched into a long list of other public and industry needs (a few of which are mentioned above) that took the team in many directions. Four months later, but not at all late, we can begin ramping up the intensity. The MP Postcard campaign will continue to run concurrently. Summer is the perfect time to connect directly with your MP as they will all be home, in their constituency office, while parliament is adjourned. You’ll be sending letters to their riding and Ottawa office where your collective voices, on paper, will speak volumes!