Bill C-51 was debated during second reading in the week ending June 13, 2008. During second reading the Government introduced amendments to the Bill.

Bill C-51has become a significant issue for persons in the Natural Health Community. Because of this, it is important for the amendments to be analyzed so that Canadians can understand the impact of Bill C-51 as it is now amended.

Discussion Paper Only

This is a discussion paper only and does not reflect the position of the NHPPA or of the NHPPA advisory board. The thoughts and comments are those of the author, Mr. Shawn Buckley and are intended to foster discussion.

The NHPPA will formulate its position after feedback from the Natural Health Community.

The Government is Claiming Victory for the Natural Health Community

One of the key demands of the Natural Health Community is for the Government to stop regulating Natural Health Products as drugs. According to the media, the Government is now claiming that with the amendments to Bill C-51 they have listened, and have now given Natural Health Products their own distinct category.

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