Final Reminder To Register | September 29, 2022 AMA

Join Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA Team for an Ask Me Anything webinar on Thursday, September 29 at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT.

You will have the opportunity to meet the NHPPA Team, learn about an upcoming initiative, and of course, connect with Shawn. He will begin the night’s discussion with a brief address covering topics ranging from the recent fraudulent use of Canadian drug regulations to ongoing censorship; to manufactured scarcity driving rising costs; a reminder to continue asserting your health rights to a legal initiative that has been a long time coming.

We have scheduled 90-minutes for this call, the majority of which will be spent answering your questions! The call is free, live, and online.

We are looking forward to coming together to engage in worthwhile dialogues about meaningful topics.

You don’t want to miss this.