French Charter of Health Freedom Petition & Action Kits

The French language is woven throughout the Canadian ethos. Historically, Québécois francophones are strongly opposed to swelling government oversight and speak out against it as a rule. Much like the voices NHPPA sees coming out of the West this year. Canada is flanked by some powerful opinions on personal freedoms. The Charter of Health Freedom petition has been available in French since 2009 acting as a symbol to resist Health Canada’s target of natural health products and practices. It is crucial that all Canadians engage in this movement in the language that is most accessible to them.

Currently, all Canadians are at risk of losing access to natural and traditional modalities as a direct result of Health Canada’s proposed Self-Care Framework. The Charter of Health Freedom is the only effective and permanent legal response against consistent government efforts to erode health freedom under the veil of “protection.”

Find and download the French petition

Charte de la liberté de choix en santé 

We’d like to afford more, but at the moment, we have the French translation of two recent pieces posted on our website under Store & Clinic Support Tools

Action Kit // Citizens’ Petition Station

Action Kit // Store & Clinic Support

Charter of Health Freedom Explanation Video Series