Homeopathic Pharmacy

Around the world, homeopathy has experienced both acclaim and opposition, since the 1800s. Right now it’s Health Canada hosting the systematic and intense attacks. Homeopathics are playing an increasingly important role in health care today but we imagine many of you were probably not surprised by this mudsling. In CBC’s March 19, 2019 article (6 minute read) by Nicole Ireland, “Stronger Action Urged Against Homeopathic Products Touted as Alternatives to Vaccines”, we learn about what started as an investigation on a few BC practitioners marketing homeopathic remedies as alternatives to vaccines, the entire homeopathic market might be at risk. Tim Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta, “Health Canada needs to stop licensing unproven homeopathic remedies and that naturopaths should take homeopathy off their roster of therapies.”