LIVE Nutritionists’ Webinar with Shawn Buckley Post-Campaign Report Oct 1/13



Our first industry, and discipline specific campaign came to a close last month, after incredible support from all involved. The Nutritionists’ Webinar Campaign targeted this specific audience since they are both, like many other stakeholders in the industry, personally and professionally affected by Health Canada’s NHP regulations.

The catalyst for this campaign was two Toronto based holistic nutritionists who contacted the NHPPA, asking if Shawn could do a talk for their organization, Nutritionists’ Networking Group (NNG). They were keen to hear him speak about how the NHP regulations impact holistic nutritionists, their influence in protecting their scope of practice, personal rights, and ability to live a holistic lifestyle.

To find out more about how the webinar started and our process CLICK HERE

Tomorrow’s Access to Supplements in Clinical Practice

Working collaboratively, the NNG and the NHPPA developed something that would not only be a fraction of the cost, but also reach a larger audience from coast to coast. A nation-wide webinar “Tomorrow’s Access to Supplements in Clinical Practice, where Shawn educated, engaged and empowered the professional rights of holistic nutritionists, took place on September 10, 2013. During this live broadcast, the audience learned how to pushback against the authorities that are removing access to trusted NHPs holistic nutritionists have used in their clinics with great success. Shawn discussed Health Canada’s policies on NHPs and their future ramifications on the profession’s ability to practice if things don’t change. He also spoke about the products we have lost, which products may be next, the broad issues at hand for all practitioners, and what they can do about it.

For full information on the Nutritionists Webinar CLICK HERE

Sold Out Webinar

Registration for the webinar opened on August 21 with a cost of $25 per person. Attendance was capped at 100 people due to the structure imposed by the webinar service provider, and we sold out of tickets to attend the live event. We are not restricted to reaching just 100 people however, as the recording will be made widely available at a price of $25. Sponsors and key players in the development of the webinar were awarded free attendance in thanks for their work, with the total funds raised going towards future NHPPA campaigns.

Webinar Recording

Due to anticipated demand, the webinar was recorded for those who couldn’t make the live event on September 10. Each recording is being sold to nutritionists for $25, and all proceeds will again, aid in funding future NHPPA campaigns. To be added to the list of those who were not able to attend the September 10 LIVE event and want a copy of the recording, please email us at

If you are a CSNN Alumni Association member, your alumni association is pleased to subsidize 40% of the cost of this recording until October 7. You will only pay $15 of the regular $25 price. On your behalf, the CSNN Alumni Association, will support the NHPPA with the $10 balance for each member that purchases the recording. This will maintain the integrity of the $25 for NHPPA for every sale. To request your recording please email us at mentioning your membership.


The NHPPA and NNG approached several potential sponsors, all of which have considerable access to large networks of holistic nutritionists. Eight organizations signed up to support the campaign, and their generous financial contributions covered all operating costs involved in setting up the webinar. These expenses included IT support, webinar service fees, and Shawn’s time to develop the content for his presentation. This means that all revenue from ticket sales will aid in funding future NHPPA campaigns.

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One of our sponsors, the CSNN Alumni Association went one step further and subsidized 40% of the ticket price for their members, supporting the NHPPA with the balance for each member that registered.

For more on the contribution of the CSNN Alumni Association CLICK HERE

In-Person Appearance with Shawn Buckley for NNG’s Fall Speaker Series Launch


One week after the live national webinar presentation for holistic nutritionists, Shawn Buckley appeared in-person as a special guest speaker at the Nutritionists’ Networking Group (NNG). Fortunately for everyone, Shawn was in Ontario for a legal case. Above is a photo of him speaking at the event as organizers Melody Byblow and Susan Baker of NNG look on.


An audience of 40 holistic nutritionists attended to hear Shawn speak in person.


(Left to right) Julia Rickert of the NHPPA, Melody Byblow of NNG, Shawn Buckley, and Susan Baker of NNG.

This in-person appearance was in special thanks for the extraordinary volunteer effort Melody and Susan of the NNG put into supporting the development and promotion of this campaign. The NHPPA was pleased to be able to extend this exchange!

For more on Shawn’s in-person talk in Toronto CLICK HERE