On April 1, 2017, Don Davies, MP for Vancouver Kingsway and NDP Health Critic, held a public forum on the regulation of natural health products. Shawn Buckley was there to meet with Mr. Davies and to hear the public input. Given the April scheduling of the first round of Health Canada’s public consultation meetings on the proposed new regulations for Self-Care Products, the timing could not have been better. Shawn also had a private discussion with Mr. Davies to share NHPPA’s perspective on several of the issues surrounding the regulation of natural health products.

In Shawn’s summary on the outcome of the public forum, he writes “We are at a time where it is essential to be prepared to bring political pressure when the proposed changes are released”. He further states, “As with Bill C-51, we anticipate a fight that will be crucial on the issue of you being able to access effective supplements in the future. We will need to be ready.”

Shawn goes on to remind us of the Trojan Horse, “In speaking with Mr. Davies, and with others at the forum, I was left with the impression that some feel that the proposed changes will come in the form of changes to the Food and Drugs Act Regulations. If this is how the changes are brought in, it would fulfill a warning the NHPPA flagged in a discussion paper on Bill C-17.”

Read what that warning was and a summary of the full meeting

Shawn Buckley’s recent article from Common Ground magazine

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