MP Postcard Action Campaign | #doyouwantmyvote

Thousands are being sent to MPs. How do we know? We have stores and clinics across the country flooding our inbox to request bundles of hundreds. They’ve reported back that customers and clients are filling them out and sending.

Direct, intentional, sustained action is the only recourse we have to push back against the Self-Care Framework being implemented by Health Canada. Get a postcard at participating health food stores across the country or print one yourself! See link to .pdf below. Mail it to your Member of Parliament. The postcard tells your MP to protect your natural health freedom and stop unelected Health Canada officials from suffocating natural health products. If they want your vote, they’ll have to listen. Take a photo, like this one, while you’re mailing your postcard and send it to NHPPA along with your city and province. We’ll share it to inspire others to take action, and continue taking action.

Of course, to raise awareness we’d also encourage you to share your photo on your own social media channels with #doyouwantmyvote

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this action campaign!

Get the file to print your postcard

The QR Code will advance your MP to a page on NHPPA’s website called, “Do You Want My Vote?“. It has links to relevant information about the potential end, as we know it, of the natural health industry if we don’t stop Health Canada’s plans.