Natural Health Partners Action Education Zoom Series Holistic Nutritionists Feb 5 2019

At the request of a concerned group of Holistic Nutritionists working in clinical practice Shawn Buckley will be holding a LIVE ZOOM webinar. He will discuss the legal confusion around cannabis products like CBD oil, and specifically, what it means for those practicing in Canada. He will also discuss Health Canada’s plan to regulate Natural Health Products under the same set of regulations as non-prescription chemical drugs by 2020. This will affect a professional’s ability to access and recommend supplements for serious health conditions.

DATE: Tuesday February 5, 2019 
REGISTER: Email with your first and last name and we’ll get you the Zoom Meeting ID login information. Use subject line: Cannabis Zoom. Feel free to send a question along.

There is no charge.
There are a limited number of spaces available.
The call will be recorded for those not able to attend.
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Medicinal Cannabis & Cannabinoids – What’s Legal, What Isn’t & Why the Confusion Exists

With all the fanfare about cannabis becoming “legal” in October, health practitioners might be surprised to learn that the use of many forms of medicinal cannabis is still strictly forbidden. At the same time, the police are inconsistent in enforcing the law because of the grey area created by a Supreme Court of Canada decision. In this webinar Mr. Buckley will discuss the law surrounding medicinal cannabis, and how practitioners should structure their practice if they are going to be selling cannabis or cannabis products.

Health Canada has published a time-table for the repeal of the Natural Health Products Regulations

Worse than Bill C-51 – the upcoming changes to the regulation of NHPs. The plan is to regulate natural products under the same set of regulations as chemical non-prescription drugs. Likely the compounding exemption for NHPs will be lost. Claims will be further restricted. The use of traditional evidence for efficacy claims will be lost. NHPs will have to comply with the same standards of evidence as chemical drugs. Finally, the powers and penalties so many of you fought against in the Bill C-51 campaign will be applied to natural products. That could mean fines of $5,000,000 per day. Nutritionists need to learn about the upcoming changes and what they can do to stop them. Mr. Buckley will briefly touch on this theme as an introduction.

For those wanting a more detailed analysis, see the NHPPA Discussion Paper 

Shawn Buckley’s bio

Over the next few months we will be holding independent practitioner calls with Homeopaths, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners, TCM Doctors, Integrative Medical Doctors and more.