Why Are Health-Conscious


In this article author Shawn Buckley asks “Why is our federal government using taxation to encourage us to use prescription drugs and to discourage us from taking natural supplements?”

He provides a clear and straightforward analysis of the policies that show a distinct bias for allopathic medicine and are punitive towards natural health care options, such as natural practitioners and supplements. If we really had freedom of choice, shouldn’t this be a level playing field?

Have you ever wondered why prescription drugs are not subject to taxes yet natural health product supplements are? Why is the cost of a medical doctor visit covered by our healthcare system yet Canadians who choose a more preventative and natural approach to healthcare must pay out-of-pocket for natural practitioners? Shawn points out that our Canadian federal government’s financial and taxation policies discriminate against anything that is not under the allopathic umbrella.

Shawn outlines at least four reasons why the policies are flawed and not in the best interest of Canadians’ health and our pocketbooks.

Read the full article here and see how you can take action and push for positive policy change.