NHPPA Presents a LIVE Nutritionists’ Webinar and Charter to 308 MPs Campaign Update Sept 3/13



Campaign Closed: Oct 1/13

Live Nutritionists’ Webinar with Shawn Buckley Post-Campaign Report

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Since the wrap up of Step 1 of the Charter to 308 MPs Campaign, the NHPPA has been busy planning a very exciting event for a specific audience who are not only personally affected by Health Canada’s NHP regulations, but also professionally. This group of people are holistic nutritionists. Like many of the public and industry stakeholders we have as subscribers, this discipline of alternative health practitioners are seeking practice specific conversation that will affect their clinical practices.

Two Toronto based holistic nutritionists contacted the NHPPA asking if Shawn Buckley could do a talk for their organization, Nutritionists’ Networking Group. They were keen to hear Shawn speak about how the NHP regulations impact holistic nutritionists. They were also interested in being educated on the influence they have in protecting their professional scope of practice, personal rights, and ability to live a holistic lifestyle.

Unfortunately, having a speaker the caliber of Shawn at an event comes with considerable expense between time and travel. So an alternative idea was proposed that would not only be a fraction of the cost, but be able to reach a larger audience from coast to coast. This led to the development of a nation-wide webinar where Shawn will educate, engage and empower the professional rights of holistic nutritionists. During this webinar the audience will learn how to pushback against the authorities who are removing access to trusted NHPs they’ve used in their clinics with great success. This webinar which will be held on September 10, 2013 is entitled Tomorrow’s Access to Supplements in Clinical Practice.

During this LIVE broadcast, Shawn will provide insight into what Health Canada’s policies on NHPs really mean, and their future ramifications on holistic nutritionists ability to practice if things don’t change. He will discuss the products we have lost, which products may be next, the broad issues at hand for all practitioners, and what we can do about it.

The benefit of speaking to such a specific audience is that Shawn is able to prepare a practitioner-specific presentation, and answer questions in a way that is targeted to the way this group practices. A holistic nutritionist’s primary concern is in the development of a correct diet, that will shift the bio-chemistry of an individual to attain health and vitality. Like many natural health professionals, nutritionists are deeply invested in NHPs, as are their clients who are reliant on the availability of supplementation as part of their protocols. This webinar is not only a way engender support from this group for the NHPPA, but to extend our reach through their far-reaching networks. Through their clinics, we also anticipate our work will be exposed to other holistic health modalities.

To find out more about the webinar CLICK HERE.


It has taken a considerable amount of work to develop this format for Shawn to reach people around the country. We had to research and select the right webinar service to suit our needs, one that allows people to participate live, as well as allowing us to record the event for future viewing. As you might imagine, we have been working with an IT specialist to help with implementation of the webinar, and to set up a ticket payment system. We have also had marketing support to help us reach as many holistic nutritionists as possible.

Now that we have laid the groundwork, we can leverage the same format with ease and efficiency for other groups of holistic health practitioners. For example, Naturopathic Doctors, TCM practitioners, Ayurvedic practitioners, Integrative Medical Doctors, Manufacturers, Retailers, Herbalists and more.


To help the NHPPA cover the costs of such an event, we approached several schools and organizations across Canada that we thought would make appropriate sponsors. Each of these sponsors have contributed to the event, and with eight of them involved, we have had the bulk of the webinar costs covered: the hard costs of procuring and setting up the webinar; the creation and development of the website and all marketing materials; the promotion of the event; the fundraising time to launch the project, and all of the administration of registrants attending on September 10.

The ticket sales for the webinar will help support the management of the Nutritionist’s Petition Challenge. We are hoping that this concentrated and timed petition challenge will move the Charter petition total to over 92,572 signatures, making it the 2nd largest federal petition in the last 15 years and the 3rd largest in Canadian History. The webinar sponsors believe in NHPPA’s work, and that change to Health Canada regulations is necessary to help protect our access to NHPs, as well as the ability of holistic nutritionists to work within their full scope of practice.

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support:

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*Shawn is in the Toronto area in September, and has agreed to an open forum-in person discussion as a guest speaker for the Nutritionists’ Networking Group. This is in special thanks for their extraordinary effort in supporting the development and promotion of this campaign, all on a volunteer basis. The NHPPA was pleased to be able to extend this exchange!



We are revealing a final post-campaign report that you haven’t seen yet! You will be pleased with the follow up effort of some very active NHPPA subscribers! If you missed the Charter to 308 MPs Campaign, you can read about it here. Our goal was for every MP to receive a copy of the Charter of Health Freedom from multiple sources, all at the same time so they had the facts they could not ignore.

We have just received Shawn’s considered thoughts to these responses and are reviewing them, deciding how we will disseminate this information to best help you respond to your MP. He has furnished us with such remarkable and clear, on-point arguments to almost each of your letters. We are excited to prepare this layered and expert guidance in a way that can allow his effort to reach its full potential. Our goal is for MPs to understand our personal efforts are supported by the advice and vision of an expert legal representative, and advocate for the natural health industry.

In the time since Step 1 was completed, we have also collected and prepared every current MP’s email, constituency phone number and constituency fax number. They have been sorted by riding and party, ready for step 2 in the Charter to 308 MPs campaign. Everyone will have access to the latest contact information, so you can continue the conversation with your elected representative.