It’s summer. Do I still send these postcards to my MP in Ottawa? Absolutely, yes! Parliament is on recess with MPs having returned to their local ridings for both their summer down time with family and to carry on work in their constituency offices. Not so for the employees at Health Canada. The summer months will see them persist with their plan to implement the Self-Care Framework. Tens of thousands of “Do You Want My Vote?” postcards have already been sent to MPs. Each piece of mail continues to be reviewed in parliamentary offices. We have pictures from across the country of stores and clinics who have been partners in getting this messaging into the hands of our elected officials. Send yours today!

The public can pick up “Stop Health Canada” postcards at their local health food store or practitioner’s office. Can’t find them near you? Find out how to download a PDF file to send to your local printers.

Retailers and practitioners requesting bulk quantities to distribute can also go to the page of resources to support the push back.

Share that you have mailed the postcard with #doyouwantmyvote

Educate yourself and your MP! Drive your MP’s attention to the material. Find all links to what you need. Yes, there is a lot to understand. Yes, it is a complicated and protracted issue. You were looking for summer reading weren’t you?