PROTECTION AGAINST FRAUD In this tenth 0:54 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Section 10 of the Charter of Health Freedom, “Protection Against Fraud”. This section charges the Ministry of Wellness with the responsibility of protecting Canadians’ against fraud, and makes it illegal to be fraudulent in the manufacturing or marketing of natural health products or modalities. While natural health products are presumed to be low-risk as per the Charter, it is important to have a governing body ensure no one capitalizes on this reputation for mischievous gain. Section 10 protects Canadians against being deceived or misled in the marketplace. Canadians will rely on the Charter of Health Freedom to safeguard their access to healing treatment options through regulation by the Ministry of Wellness. Section 10 gives Canadians the confidence that the products they access are what they say they are.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. We are already anticipating the 11th clip where Shawn will discuss Protection Against Adulteration.