“Truth is the first casualty when science is used as a weapon.” – Shawn Buckley

As a lawyer who has spent decades involved with Health Canada, Shawn Buckley is uniquely positioned to hold the well-informed opinion that our chemical drug approval process is a large fraud perpetrated on the Canadian Public. In his rebuttal to a July 15, 2019 CBC article (3 minute read) by Bethany Lindsay, “Federal NDP Health Critic Pushes Back on Plans to Require More Evidence for Health Claims of Natural Products”, Mr. Buckley defends MP Don Davies’ position on NHP regulations and asserts:

“Understanding that our drug approval process is seriously flawed, I am at a complete loss as to how the CBC and Ms. Lindsay could be critical of anyone for not wanting it to be applied to natural products. If public health was an issue, one would expect the CBC to be critical of our chemical drug model.”