Nutritionists’ Webinar: Recommended Reading



To make the most of our time with Shawn, there are several articles you can read to understand how the issues have developed to date. Reading this material will mean that Shawn can keep the content at a level suitable for nutrition professionals, and so that you can ask in-depth questions.

Safe or Unsafe? 

This article by Shawn Buckley highlights the health consequences of losing products we rely on.

Read the article: Safe or Unsafe? Canada’s Risky Natural Health Products Regulations

Adam Gibson (Health Canada’s NHPD) Rebuttal

Adam Gibson of Health Canada wrote a reply to Shawn’s Safe or Unsafe article, denying that a crisis around NHPs exists.

Read the rebuttal: Crying Wolf About Natural Health Product Regulations

Dr. Rona’s Defense of Shawn Buckley and NHPPA’s position
Adam Gibson’s rebuttal angered some doctors including Dr. Zoltan Rona, and his response outlines his considerable experience on the impact of the regulations, and products losses on how he can now treat his patients.

Read the article: Health Canada Engaged in Noisy Spin Control

Dr. Gifford Jones adds to Dr. Rona’s support of Shawn Buckley and NHPPA’s position
Dr. Gifford Jones joined the conversation in the Toronto Sun where he talked about the number of people killed by prescription drugs each year, versus the low risk effectiveness of NHPs.

Read the article: Health Canada: Where are the dead bodies?

Scott Sawler (Health Canada’s NHPD) Rebuttal
Scott Sawler of the NHPD focuses his rebuttal to Dr. Gifford Jones article touches on reducing regulation red tape, and a lack of evidence of efficacy for those NHPs that are no longer available.

Read the rebuttal: Letter to the Editor Regarding: “Health Canada: where are the dead bodies”

The Charter of Health Freedom

This article is a primer on the the proposed legislation that protects your constitutional rights by giving NHPs and traditional medicines a separate legal category for them that is neither foods nor drugs.

Learn about: The Charter of Health Freedom

Shawn Describes the Charter of Health Freedom over Video
The charter itself is written in legal language, so in this video series where Shawn breaks it down clause by clause, so you can understand it fully.

Watch: Charter of Health Freedom videos

Emergency Kit for Health Canada Raids

This guide to your rights includes everything you must know and do, to try and save your reputation, your business and your livelihood, when the inspectors arrive.

Read the Action Kit: Emergency Kit for Health Canada Raids

Radio Interview with Shawn Buckley

Shawn discusses with Lisa Petty, host of Lisa Live Health & Wellness,  how consumers and practitioners alike will be affected due to the restriction of everyday products that Canadians have been using for decades.

Listen: Lisa Live Radio: Shawn Buckley on Protecting Our Rights to Natural Health Products

Lisa Live Radio: Shawn Buckley on Protecting Our Rights to Natural Health Products July 9/11