Registration Is Open | September 29, 2022 AMA

We are excited to spend this time with you, to share ideas, and to reconnect with your collective activist spirits. Registration is now open for our Ask Me Anything webinar—and we want to see you there! Join Shawn Buckley and the NHPPA Team on Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT.

This event will be free, live and virtual, using Zoom. If you don’t have this conferencing platform, please sign up (it still tops in popularity to the tune of 300 million meetings per day). Shawn has thoughts and opinions on some recent happenings that he is wants to unpack and define for you. He is equally, and sincerely, interested in hearing your opinions from the personal and professional experiences you’ve acquired since the beginning of this year. He is ready to answer any questions that you have. The call may go for 90 minutes. If we get into the weeds, it may run a little longer. We’ll record and send to those who had to leave early or couldn’t make it.

We’re confident you have a desire for transparency in communication, to delve into big and difficult topics; to develop solutions; to inspire action; and to find hope in like-minded connections.

Spaces are limited to 500 attendees.