Shawn spoke with Host, Anna Planedin, BC

On Thursday November 18 2010 Shawn was in the guest chair to launch NHPPA’s Freedom In Crisis Lecture Tour. The tour that speaks to how government policies are restricting access to natural health products and your choice of ordinary consumer products, more than ever before.

NHPPA’s President, Shawn Buckley is one of a few lawyers with the expertise to explain the laws that could extinguish our freedom to choose vitamin, mineral, herbal and traditional natural health products. Listen to this Live 30 minute taping of Nelson Before Nine to hear how Bill C-36: The Consumer Product Safety Act continues to threaten our constitutional rights. The tour starts tonight in Nelson!The re-introduction of Bill C-36: The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Natural Health Product Regulations.

Shawn Buckley on Nelson Before Nine