Shawn Buckley On The Vinny Eastwood Show Mar 19/12

New Zealand’s Vinny Eastwood recently invited Shawn onto his show: Guerilla Radio.

Vinny quit the telecommunications industry when he noticed that when he lied to the customer the company’s profit margins went up. He went out with frustration at the mainstream media and began to make his own news by interviewing activists about real issues that truly affect New Zealand and the world. His show now broadcasts worldwide 5 days a week, including across the USA on American Freedom Radio. Vinny says, “It is the media’s job to keep an eye on the powerful, to expose the corrupt, to let the population know what’s really going on. If the media won’t do their job, don’t fight them, replace them, because they are no longer relevant. The idea is to get the activists who live and breathe the issues and are not bound by corporate or political parties to be the pundits, reporters and watch-dogs.”

Of Shawn’s interview he wrote, “Shawn Buckley…exposing incredibly dangerous draconian legislation being passed to rob people of their rights to life, liberty and property, and not least of all their most basic health freedom!”

We have edited the 1 hour and 40 minute interview down to 24 minutes. We have selected some of the most powerful excerpts to bring you a short video which captures, not only the background to our current regulatory crisis but the foundations of the most vital issues facing us for the future. You can CLICK HERE to download the full interview.

We have broken out the video segments below by topic with minutes indicated to help you click directly to the spot where the content you have selected begins:

Strauss Heart Drops: Shawn Buckley’s Road to Damascus (from minute 00.09)
This is a story you may have heard before, however we think this is the most powerful and succinct. This candid footage of Shawn’s original introduction to the world of health freedom is revealing. It is especially timely, since there have been misunderstandings within the stakeholder community recently as to whether he ever acted for Health Canada. Here is the whole story of one man’s conversion to the power of truth.

The Truehope Story (from minute 04.44)
Why would Health Canada shut down a government funded clinical trial? The tale of Truehope and EMPower Plus is another landmark. It is the case in which Health Canada’s agenda was laid bare in open court. If you have ever found yourself wondering whether the health freedom movement is a little alarmist, you need to hear these details again. “The CMHA started holding press conferences, blaming Health Canada for suicides…and still the government didn’t relent.”

More from the Truehope Trial: Health Canada and the Suppression of Evidence (from minute 09.32)
Health Canada invents a new word to try and evade court ordered disclosure of evidence; here is the story of how “the undiscoverable” can be discovered. If you still think your government cares whether you live or die, review this segment! “This is the most pronounced case I’ve ever come across where the government regulatory body was ignoring evidence of harm.”

Citizens Eating Grass and Growing Wool (from minute 13.34)
You cannot have freedom without the rule of law. Shawn explains how the rule of law protects our freedoms and why it no longer applies in Canada. He points to the irony of this happening in societies which value freedom and looks to future generations. “The only way this house of cards is going to collapse is if people start saying ‘no’.”

What is rent-seeking and why does it matter? (from minute 16.01)
Who benefits from over-regulation and why? If you have heard that some in the natural health industry are in favour of the current regulatory climate, you need to understand rent-seeking. This segment explains how companies can be legally bound to harm the consumer. “I get calls from consumers who depend on products for serious conditions and they can’t get them anymore and they’re just distraught.”

The National Peanut Butter Directorate (from minute 19.20)
Regulating things that are already safe, in the name of safety. Shawn discusses the backwards logic of ignoring the risk of taking safe products away. “If an honest risk analysis is done it will show that actually it’s dangerous regulation.” Vinny asks what advice Shawn has for anyone who fears losing a product they rely on, and the news is grim. “I know that protesting and calling and meeting and having your doctor call is systematically ignored.”

Feeling Free? Citizen’s Protection Mechanism (from minute 22.26)
Why does any of this matter? This segment is vital for you, in your ongoing campaigns to educate your networks and grow the push-back in your area. Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so difficult to get people angry? “We’re in a model that lulls people into complacency and that’s why it’s so dangerous.”


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