Step 2: The Charter to 308 MPs Campaign: MP Rebuttal Package

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Campaign launched April 4 2014 and closed July 18 2014

Charter to 308 MPs Step 1: Launched May 21 2013 and closed May 31 2013

In May 2013 every federal MP received at least one printed copy of the Charter of Health Freedom, delivered directly to their constituency or Ottawa office. Many MPs took the time to reply to their constituents. Several replies were forwarded and posted to NHPPA’s website. Although, on first viewing, these letters appeared to take constituents’ concerns  seriously, a notable characteristic of every letter was that it contained cut and paste information. This information was at best irrelevant and at worst, just plain wrong. In fact, one MP told their constituent that the Charter of Health Freedom was already law. We wish that were true!



You can be certain that your MP received at least one copy of the Charter of Health Freedom. If not during this campaign, then in the years previous or in the months after the campaign closed. We need at least one person from each of the 308 ridings to deliver NHPPA’s MP response Rebuttal Package to their MP before the end of June 2014. It doesn’t matter whether you took part in Step 1 of the campaign or not. All citizens who acted in Step 1 have opened the door for this part of the campaign for everyone.

“This campaign gives you a specific and expert legal/political analysis from Shawn Buckley which responds directly to MP’s “form” letters filled with talking points from Health Canada.”

The review and analysis explains why citizens are disappointed with their elected representatives’ level of genuine conversation and understanding of the issues.

All the following materials are prepared to be printed in black and white.


1) Find your MP

  • Enter your postal code here to find your riding and identify your MP.
  • From that webpage, find and write down your MP’s House of Commons and Constituency office addresses.
  • Consider taking down their email and/or phone number so you can call to confirm receipt of the package or email you have sent for follow-up.

2) Check whether your MP responded to Step 1

  • If you received a personal reply from your MP, you will already know this.
  • If not, check our list of MPs who sent one of the letters on our MP Response Page.
  • If you wish, choose a letter to print and send your MP as part of your Rebuttal package. More than likely a letter from an MP of the same party. If you do not want to do this, skip this step.

3) Assemble your MP Rebuttal Package

4) Print and fill in one or both of the MP Rebuttal Packages outer mailers:

MP House of Commons mailer 
MP Constituency Office mailer 

  • Add personal comments in the space provided.
  • This outer mailer can act as an envelope for the information pack you’ve assembled! Tri-fold your letter and print outs inside the mailer to make the address part of the outer mailer the front. Use a small piece of tape to affix everything together! If you would rather use an envelope that you print your MP’s addresses on yourself, you may do that instead! You may have more than will fit into the tri-folded outer mailer-that’s when a regular envelope will work better!

5) Mail your package to your MP’s House of Commons and/or your Constituency office

  • No postage is required in either case.
  • A hand-delivery to the Constituency office sends a very strong message.

6) In a couple of weeks, follow up with an email phone call!

  • Let your MP know that you are expecting a reply.
  • Remind your MP that this is an election issue every time you email.

Find all of the materials and advice to create your MP Rebuttal Package here.



Our goal is to have at least one person in each riding send an MP Rebuttal Package!

Check out last year’s Step 1 campaign activists!

To personalize this campaign so that we can see our community working together, please consider taking a picture of yourself mailing the packages. You’ll notice that we take care in redacting your full names and using your first name and last name initial only!

  1. We would love to see you in the picture, but if you would rather not do this, get creative. Take a picture of the package(s) on your desk before you send, you at the mail box or you hand-delivering the package(s) your MP’s House of Commons or Constituency office. Send images to
  2. If you have decided to prepare this entire package via email then cc us on your send to


The regulations remain the same since the time your deliveries were sent last year. What has changed is the increasing number of Canadians who support the Charter of Health Freedom and that, as of April 5 2014, we have reached a landmark 96,000 signatures, making the Charter of Health Freedom petition the largest federal petition most sitting MPs will have ever seen.

And yet, MPs have shown by their replies to constituents that they still do not understand the issues.

To support Step 3 of this campaign, we need the rebuttals to go to all MPs. In Step 3 we plan to identify an MP who will submit this historic petition to the House of Commons. To give all MPs an opportunity to be part of this historic public message, they need to fully understand what they are allowing, by their ignorance, to happen to your rights and freedoms.


Once the campaign is done, we’ll send out a complete listing of all NHPPA members who participated in as we did with Step 1. Tracking the process everyday was quite time-consuming last year! This year we will wait until all of the packages have been delivered to send you the results.

See the success of Step 1 on the Charter to 308 Riding Chart.

Let’s leave no-one in government in any doubt that their future depends on the Charter of Health Freedom.


T-Shirt winners from last year’s campaign: we were unable to secure a printing price we could afford until this Spring. Everyone who won a T-Shirt or who ordered them will be getting an email soon! The message has not become outdated. The T-shirts are still very relevant! Talk with all of you soon.


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