Support Our Postcard Campaign for Natural Health

Is your local health food store or natural health clinic distributing our postcards and advocating for the natural health industry?

Our goal is to have postcards available for distribution at all natural health food stores and clinics!

Encourage your local health food stores and clinics to support our cause by distributing these postcards. They can be ordered directly from us! (link second sentence to /postcards)

Health food stores value hearing from their customers! Plus, they have a vested interest in ensuring natural health products remain easily accessible and on Canadian shelves.

If you haven’t seen our postcards yet, kindly nudge your local stores and clinics to showcase them!

By participating in our postcard campaign, you can help ensure that natural health products remain accessible and available on Canadian shelves.

Order or Print Postcards Now

This video clip is taken from our March 2024 Campaign Update Zoom Call. Watch below!

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