Worth sharing almost four years later. A timely November 10, 2014 TEDX Talk (17:42 minute watch) by Dr. Julia Rucklidge. She speaks to serious mental health conditions being treated by nutrition and micronutrients. Many working with functional food and natural health products may want to watch the presentation if they haven’t already. Very good arguments made. Dr. Rucklidge begins with the critical role of nutrition in effectively preventing and reversing the symptoms of mental health disorders. She worked alongside Dr. Bonnie Kaplan (who NHPPA holds in high esteem) and tells us how statistics show a similar pattern in treatment with all classes of conventional chemical drugs for mental health (meaning short term the treatments are often effective) but in the long-term, they fail. Only micronutrients have shown lasting solutions to the root cause of brain health. She reflects on another study, “… despite our ever increasing reliance on antidepressants, the recovery rates and relapse rates are no better now than they were 50 years ago prior to the advent of these medications, so if a treatment is truly effective, then shouldn’t the rates of disorder and disability as a direct consequence of that illness be decreasing and not increasing?” NHPPA’s attention was drawn to the ” limited evidence” note in the TED disclaimer.

Watch the Full TEDX Talk