This Year’s Petition Bar is Set in Victoria, BC Jan 2019

That’s 18.333 signatures per hour! When gathering signatures you are “on” all day, both educating and listening. Shannon was at The Victoria Health Show this past weekend for 15 hours between Saturday and Sunday. She went on her own, without hesitation, and told us she enjoyed “the gig”. The signed petition pages are on their way back to NHPPA. We asked Shannon why she thought volunteering for NHPPA was a good use of her time. She shared and said we could too.

“The reason(s) for my activism are the loss of my mother to cancer and the fact that I have struggled with severe fibromyalgia most of my life. It’s only through natural health products and alternative therapies that I am now doing so well! In addition to my other volunteer interests and current work, I am studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist. I believe in natural health products with all of my heart, and will do whatever I can to protect them for ourselves and future generations.”

We encourage you to email a deluge of event names (large or small) that align with our mission, coming up in your area. We’ll connect with the producers and see if we can secure a spot. We’ll furnish you with everything you need to make an impact!