NHPPA volunteer, Jennifer Shelley, was hard at work at British Columbia’s recent Cowichan Healing Arts Expo from May 31-June 2! Jennifer is a homeopath in Duncan, BC. She always surprises us with her proactive approach to finding spaces and events in her region to educate the public about the Charter of Health Freedom and the current Health Canada regulation changes threatening our access to natural health products. Another 50 signatures will be added to our count and 150 Do You Want My Vote?postcards are on the way to the riding’s MP.

“I feel the power of connection with like-minded people is the way we can achieve the greatest results in life. I am so grateful for the NHPPA and all the work they are doing to connect people on this very important issue. I really enjoyed the conversations that I had and the ability to raise awareness. For many of us this is not just politics but our way of life, business and how we educate our children.”

Jennifer, thank you for all you do as a practitioner and the much-needed consistent effort to protect the health freedom of all Canadians!

Find places to be! Your time to educate and ask for action is a significant part of a positive outcome. Jennifer will call and tell us what she needs and we send it! She sometimes just accesses the materials for a petition station at a store, clinic or events near her. Please consider doing the same. We are here and can support you, too.