Total Health Show 2013 Achievements 2014 Initiatives Feb 26/14

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This time of year sees us preparing for one of the most important events in our health freedom calendar.

The Total Health Show is one of Canada’s largest consumer events for the natural health community. It will be our 6th consecutive year attending. Our presence there helps us reach many new supporters year after year. We are delighted and grateful when the show sponsors invite us to take up a booth where we are able to engage with you, offer support and information, and learn what’s on your mind.

This year, the show runs April 4-6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


Our booth was busier than ever with friends from the industry and VIP guests visiting to chat. We signed up record numbers of new subscribers, collected hundreds of petition signatures and expanded the platform we need to build awareness of the issues and heighten public concern. Everyone, it seems, is losing something they rely on for their health now.

It is not an option to think that we have tried to push back for long enough. The NHPPA must continue to spearhead the challenge to authority and intensify the grassroots movement. We must also engage those for whom health freedom matters most and foster activism in those not yet part of any health freedom organizations working in Canada today. Together we are all stronger, as individuals and as interrelated voices.

Shawn was busy all weekend with alternative media interviews as well as delivering his keynote lecture for 2013, Canada’s New Food Safety Laws and The Omnibus Bill, twice during the weekend.

He asked, “Is it ok to hurt someone to enforce the law?” and explained that, “There’s now no way to know if a particular food has been exempted from safety laws. It’s hard to see how this is good for us.”

We uploaded Shawn’s recorded lecture. A must watch, if you haven’t already!

We compiled a full review in pictures and print for our 2013 Total Health Show photo album to tell you the story of NHPPA’s weekend.

See the new booth banner, meet our team and visitors, review our print material, and find out how our T-shirts fared in their big debut. (If you placed your T-shirt order and have been waiting for its long overdue arrival, we are happy to tell you you’ll be able to start wearing it soon! We’ll contact each of you to confirm before shipping next month.)


Thanks again to the Total Health Show management for inviting NHPPA to return with a full booth and offering Shawn two lectures spots for his new talk.

This year will see the culmination of several of our long term plans and campaigns. We will be showcasing the vital new print materials destined to go on-line for everyone to use, coast to coast. Personal feedback is always helpful as we finalize your action tools.

We will launch Step 2 of the Charter to 308 MPs campaign, the Bill-C-17 definition change campaign, the Natural Health Practitioners Charter petition campaign, new media coverage of health freedom issues, updates from Parliament, plans to deliver the largest petition most sitting MPs have ever seen, and the broadcast of this year’s new keynote lecture from Shawn; Moving Out Of The Eye Of The Hurricane And Into The Storm. 

Audience members will be updated on how Natural Health Product (NHP) stakeholders and citizens are dealing with the ever-changing regulatory environment for NHPs. Shawn will also take a look into the recently tabled Bill C-17 and the growing concern of CETA. He will lay out what these issues mean to Canadians, as suspicions grow over secret details which could pave the way for the European model of even more restrictive regulations.

If ever there was a time to prepare for the coming storm, after a period of apparent calm, it is 2014. Health Canada’s approach to enforcement may wax and wane but nothing has yet changed to create a permanent safeguard.

With the Charter of Health Freedom petition reaching record numbers, this is the year we plan to identify and reach out to a Member of Parliament with the vision, and passion for the rights of Canadians, to bring the Charter of Health Freedom to Ottawa.


The cost to attend the show is borne by a small group of dedicated industry stakeholders and active individuals who value the research, information, materials and support that we provide. They know, as we do, that our presence at events such as Total Health Show, and the funds necessary for Shawn to prepare a new presentation every year, are the most visible and effective ways for us to engage more citizens.

Our attendance at this year’s show will cost the NHPPA approximately $4,500.00

Last year, due to the cutbacks NHPPA and our supporters faced, we were unable to raise the funds to completely cover the costs of attending the show. We were also unable to attend the Whole Life Expo but hope we are able to commit to The Total Health Show with your help.

This is why we are asking friends, stakeholders and colleagues to enable us to cover the costs of Total Health 2014 without having to cut back even more on our other initiatives for this year.

If you already support us on a regular basis, thank you. If you can help us with this event we would ask you to consider a one-time donation.

With your support, our dedicated staff and volunteers can guide Canada through the storm to the health freedom rights we all deserve.