The NHPPA will be at the Total Health Show again this year! 

As ever, the focus of our work shifts with the pressing political and legal changes, and Shawn’s planned keynote presentation reflected these moves. The politics have been getting ever more personal for individuals fighting for food rights and in the case of two of his clients, Ontario farmers Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones, the consequences are still unfolding:

“Ordinary Canadians who have stood up to protect the genetic diversity in our food supply or to ensure they can still access food from their farm, are being charged criminally. Come and learn about the sheep-napping case involving Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones, two farmers charged for trying to preserve rare Shropshire sheep. Learn about how your freedom to eat basic foods like raw milk is being restricted as the Government again goes after the owners of Glencolton Farms. Michael Schmidt and others are already facing obstruct charges for allegedly trying to protect their food. Come and learn about risks you face simply by trying to protect your basic rights.”

Unfortunately, we found out just last week that Shawn will be unable to attend this year. He is defending his clients, David and Collet Stephan in Lethbridge, Alberta, who lost their child from meningitis. There has been much misinformation spread throughout mainstream media about the events that lead to Ezeikel’s death. For insight into the daily courtroom happenings read the website dedicated to this trial at Stand 4 Truth. Daily entries are reported on by NHPPA’s Vice President, Ian Stewart.

Shawn’s Total Health Show lecture times have been transferred to Michael Schmidt. He will be discussing the content of Shawn’s lecture from his perspective, which includes Shawn`s legal frame of reference, in the presentation: Protect Your Basic Rights to Make Food ChoicesHear the almost unbelievable truth about Michael’s fight for food freedom, the real story behind the sheep napping saga (within the restrictions of the forced publication ban on those involved) and find out how you can be prosecuted for being the subject of unlawful surveillance, just as Michael has.

Michael with be with the NHPPA team all weekend at Booth #127. If you’re at the show be sure to drop by and chat with him, and us.


We documented the April 2015 show weekend with:

Shawn’s new provocative lecture:
Censorship: Suppressing the Truth – Gambling With Your Safety

a complete descriptive Photo Gallery 
• new, downloadable Handout Material NHPPA worked to produce for the show

• purchase NHPPA’s featured Censorship Compendium and support campaigns to keep you aware and informed!

Censorship Compendium Sales Page Image Website 500 x 500To complement Shawn’s lecture NHPPA developed a unique compendium, including original writings by health freedom experts, regarding censorship in medical, political, scientific arenas as well as educational institutions.

The content at times is not surprising, at others, it is shocking and disturbing. In all cases the information in this compendium is an absolute necessity for understanding how this censorship is affecting your health, by restricting what knowledge you can access, and where, and how it is delivered to you, and who you can trust.

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