Ask Me Anything Replay | September 29, 2022

1 hour 45 minute watch

On the evening of September 29, 2022 NHPPA hosted a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Shawn Buckley.

Because of having our content removed from YouTube and a subsequent, targeted cyber attack, most of you will have only accessed this 90 days later, on December 29, 2022.

Those in attendance included natural health product manufacturers, grassroots organizers, natural health practitioners, and concerned citizens alike. Shawn’s opinions, and his answers to insightful and well-informed questions during the AMA, dug deep. The content rattled a few cages—as evidenced by being censored and hacked—but, that’s why we are here, to talk about the things that have divided us, and to bring us back together.

The NHPPA has a 15 year history of advocating for freedom of choice and the protection of natural health products and practices in Canada. We’ve produced discussion papers which have sparked movements; supplied support materials for health food retailers to inform their customers of threats; developed educational webinars for natural health practitioners and manufacturers; attended and lectured at Canadian health shows; initiated national campaigns that have reached Health Canada bureaucrats; and have taken our message all the way to the Canadian Senate resulting in successfully changing legislation.

Now, in the aftermath of the agenda, and before the new risks ahead of us, we’re expanding our online outreach strategy to allow for connection and conversation with Shawn Buckley, the NHPPA team, and guests LIVE and in real-time.

The September 29, 2022 AMA was free to attend, and is available for replay. You’ll hear more about the LIVE with Shawn Buckley community and the monthly membership we shared with you earlier this year. We let you know that (before our censor and hack drama) we had been preparing our platform’s architecture and systems that will be our community’s new base. We took the plunge and created a forum in the spirit of those who held the space before us.

Since the subject matter will flow from our expertise in natural health to the current and relentless threats on freedom, we sourced the best private platform (Mighty Networks) to avoid any sudden removal of anything we share. Shawn and his guests, will cover the ever hot-button topics of medicine, media, law, rights, philosophy, politics, science, ethics, and more. We have been ever-grateful to you for taking action in our campaigns and will honour that by making sure that what you want to learn and talk more about is made a part of our schedule. The result will impactful, personal, positive and give all of us a new perspective on our collective futures.

Get in first. Seats will be open to 880 people, nationwide, with first spots given to current NHPPA friends and advocates!

Join our waitlist, by clicking the button below and finding out more!

We are excited to share more and can’t wait to spend some time together!

Some memorable experts from the call include:

  • “If you go on the Health Canada website today and you pull up their page on Pfizer Biotech vaccine, the first sentence, and they have this for all the COVID-19 vaccines, the first sentence is ‘All COVID-19 vaccines authorized in Canada are proven, safe, effective, and of high quality.’ Now that is outright propaganda. This type of messaging belongs in a police state, literally. And likely there’s gonna be criminal liability going forward because of this type of messaging.” (18:50)
  • “What I’m most excited about right now is what the NHPPA is doing. The NHPPA is the longest standing health freedom group in Canada, and we are the group that when things heat up on health rights, specifically related to our access to treatments like natural health products, that we basically provide the leadership in the analysis of what’s coming down the pipe.” (28:53)

  • “It’s just going to be an absolute train wreck… We’re expecting Health Canada to start pressing ahead with this Self Care Framework.” (49:02)

  • “There has been censorship. It’s one of the reasons we need a national citizens inquiry is how can it be that all these medical boards basically have interfered with the doctors following their Hippocratic Oath and trying to treat patients.” (01:01:48)
  • “I’m not advocating violence. I’m advocating civil disobedience, and I’m advocating everyone getting involved where actually willing to lose things to guarantee their rights. You don’t have rights at all unless you’re willing to fight for them.” (1:17:04)

  • “The coercion was off the chart. We are viewed as cattle. We are viewed as livestock, where they don’t want us to have the right to make any decisions.” (1:24:36)
  • “This Self Care Framework, it’s so offensive philosophically. They basically want us only to be able to access chemical drugs that had intellectual property rights.” (1:24:48)
  • “I’m being a hundred percent truthful when I say our drug approval laws and our drug laws are really more about protecting intellectual property rights than health.” (1:24:59)

  • “What has happened is people will start lawsuits against the mandates and this and that, and then the mandates get dropped by the time you get to court.” (1:39:01)

  • “It’s just atrocious, this idea that the government can trounce on fundamental rights and freedoms, and then the court won’t even hear it.” (1:39:56)

At the end of the AMA call, Shawn concludes by saying, “One thing that I’ve learned is that there are more people that think like us than we realize… I’d just like to encourage everyone to not lose heart, but to get involved because the hardest part is yet to come. But, we’re going to get through it.”


1 hour 45 minute watch