Whole thinking. This July 17, 2017 article (5 minute read) by Christopher Bergland published in Psychology Today, ‘Will Social Prescribing be the Next Wellness Phenomenon’, tells us of a new, more holistic approach, that British doctors are taking to help patients with chronic illness. The program involves partnering a primary care patient with a link worker who assists them with formulating a personalized social program involving community activities based on their individual needs. The link workers then meet with the patients regularly to ensure they stay compliant. Studies have shown that the program is helping patients lead healthier lives with less feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression.

“Hopefully, the latest findings on the benefits of social prescribing will inspire policymakers to support more programs that offer comprehensive non-medical prescriptions. Social prescribing has the potential to reduce skyrocketing healthcare costs and improve the psychological, physical, and financial well-being of people from all walks of life.”

It is encouraging to see a public health program designed with the purpose of improving the lives of a country’s citizens rather than serving and protecting the interests of an industry. NHPPA approves!