You’re Invited To Join Shawn Buckley In Conversation

Read Shawn Buckley’s latest Discussion Paper, written on November 11, and join him to unpack the loss of our freedoms, our charter rights, Canadians’ “quiet submission” and a deeper dive into why he is shocked and disappointed. He’ll discuss how to make decisions and that every choice matters. In fact, it’s why he’d like to open some time to attendees. The understanding that comes from honest conversations matter most.

Excerpts from his Discussion Paper, “There Is No Middle Ground—Which Side Are You On?

“For almost two years I have witnessed a shocking disregard for our fundamental rights and freedoms—all accepted and supported by a populace hypnotized by the siren song of fear. In that context I did not believe the Courts would make a meaningful difference. And they haven’t.”

“Paper is paper. You do not have rights or freedoms because of writing on paper. Courts are Courts. You do not have rights or freedoms because you ask a Government Court for them. You only truly have a right or a freedom if you are willing to fight for it. Freedom only exists if a people demands and fights for it.”

“It does not matter where you stand on the pandemic, or vaccines, or what you think the best health measures are. This is about choosing whether we will face those issues as free citizens in a free country or whether we will face those issues as slaves in a police state.”

DECEMBER 8, 2021 @ 7PM ET/4PM PT


Let’s discuss:

• Is requiring identification papers/passports legal in Canada?
• Does it even matter if requiring identification papers/passports is legal?
• Is force and groupthink trumping law?
• How to overcome when we are divided by fear