REGULATIONS CANNOT RESTRICT OF HEALTH FREEDOM In this sixteenth 1:47 minute video of a 21-part series, Shawn Buckley explains Sections 18 and 19 of the Charter of Health Freedom, “Restriction of Health Freedom.” Section 18 gives the Minister of Wellness the power to make regulations, a necessary function in a regulatory environment. Section 19 introduces a new statement which protects products from being strictly removed from the market for noncompliance. It offers a more reasoned approach to consequences for noncompliance to ensure that Canadians do not lose products they depend on as a result of rigid regulations. Examples are given with wild-harvested herbs. Regulations could prevent a manufacturer from sourcing the most potent wild herbs in favour of controlled greenhouse-grown herbs. Section 19 of the Charter of Health Freedom ensures that wild-crafted herbs, that comply with regulations, are not removed from the market.

As the author of this standalone Act, Shawn Buckley makes clear the key features of each section. He breaks down the proposed legislation into language that everyone can understand. Keep an eye out for the next clip where Shawn will discuss Offenses and Punishments in more detail.