She’s back and she’s on target. Helke Ferrie opens her latest illustrative piece with, “There is nothing like personal experience to unleash my focused rage at a medical system that allows such avoidable suffering.” NHPPA will tell you that there is also nothing like her unparalleled knowledge and powerful voice to give you accurate, extensive and exhaustive detail on a subject. She wants you to walk away with the answers you’ve been looking for. Helke was stricken with debilitating Lyme disease, which is woefully misunderstood in Canada.

In this June/July 2019 issue of Vitality Magazine, the article (7 minute read), “How I Recovered From the Devastating Effects of Lyme Disease,” presents Helke’s compelling and explicit personal story. In the wake of her own illness, she has examined decades of research, thousands of studies and compiled, what she refers to as, top scientific and clinical quality evidence.

Helke’s story would have a very different ending had she not been able to access traditional healing modalities, natural health products and low-risk medical devices – yet another example of why we, as Canadians, cannot allow the Self-Care Framework to be implemented by Health Canada.