Eleven Hours. Thousands of Signatures.

After the count. We take your signatures seriously and we caffeinate accordingly. NHPPA’s meticulous petition count process involves checking, double-checking, cross-referencing and then triple-checking the data collected. It is NHPPA’s role to safeguard the signatures collected in support of the Charter of Health Freedom petition until they make the trip to the House of Commons in Ottawa. In an 11-hour count-a-thon, the latest numbers are in (official post in the works) and they illustrate an undeniable acceleration since our July 2019 update. Natural health product manufacturers, retailers, practitioners and members of the public are taking action in droves to collect and send in signatures. Now that people across the country have been guided to unravel a complicated issue, and understand the consequences, momentum builds. And while the signatures always strengthen our resolve, the buoy of encouraging notes and the bonus of $19 in unprocessed postage make the work fun. As a result of the proposed changes to the Self-Care Framework, the need for the Charter of Health Freedom has never been greater. The level of urgency is at its peak. Stay tuned for our latest petition count update!
Do your part to protect your rights and freedoms by finding a health food store in your area that has a petition station where you can add your signature. You might want to download one for yourself, collect 25 signatures, and mail it in. You would earn a line of your own on our 1843-entry strong Excel petition document